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    Sooooo's difficult waiting for Dec. 5 to arrive. We are new to Couples (CSA) and are anxiously awaiting a much needed vacation. The last vacation we've taken was over 4 years ago to Niagara Falls for a short weekend without the kids.

    I LOVE this board because it has given us so much valuable information from getting through customs to the return trip back!! Thanks.

    We just want this trip to be memorable, relaxing and enjoy each other. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary and booked the BFVS, which we read is awesome.

    We've already started packing, planning and dreaming of what we'll see, do and people we'll meet. Neither one of us can swim so I hope that isn't a problem. One of the posts mentioned swimming assistance. Does anyone know if this is offered at a cost? Also, a friend came back from an AI and said that even though she didn't even answer her cell phone, she was charged for 7 calls that were "put through". Anyone have any experience with this one?


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    Hi rmevans1108,

    Welcome to the Couples family. You and your wife will have a great time. As far as the cell phone charges, that did happen to me and my husband. The reason is because of the roaming charges. Even though you are not using your phone, you can still be charged for the roaming fees. I would just leave it at home or call your cell phone carrier and let them know you will be going out of the country and see what advise they have for you. Have a wonderful time.
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    I'm not sure of what you're thinking about for swimming assistance, but if you're intersted in lessons, you may be able to get one of the Watersports guys to give you lessons, but I'd imagine you'd need to pay for them, and you might need to get this OK'd by his boss, since everything but the Scuba lessons are free (but swimming lessons aren't one of the inclusions).

    If you're interested in snorkeling, you may want to talk with the Watersports guys - I'm not a strong swimmer, and they gave me a life vest to wear which made the whole trip much easier and more fun. But for snorkeling to be fun, you have to be able to put your face under water and manage the snorkel....maybe you could practice in the shallow water with one of the resort's snorkel masks and snorkels. If you want to use the Hobie Cats, someone from Watersports will give you a lesson and make sure you're wearing a life vest....I think it's tough to tip one of those things over....

    If you're not really interested in watersports per se, the roped off swimming area is not very deep - I'm 5'2" and I've always been able to go out to the outer limits of the area without being too far over my head (if it's that deep)....You never really have to worry about losing touch with terra firma, and the seat floatie cushions are the best!

    I hope you enjoy your vacation - this is truly one of the most relaxing and fabulous places we've ever had the pleasure of visiting....we hope you feel that way too!!

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    Thanks found our answers.

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    I agree with gonegril...I don't know what you mean by swimming assistance but I'm short as well (5 feet even) and I was able to go anywhere within the roped swimming area with no problem.

    Verizon/Alltel does not have a caribbean international plan according to the half dozen people I spoke to prior to our October trip. We have an old Alltel plan and they were trying hard to upgrade us to Verizon but when I asked if there would be an international plan available if I did switch I was still told no. Contact your cell carrier about switching and if they don't have a plan turn your phone off. There are stories on this board about people being hit with phone bills over $1000 when they got home (smart phones will roam for data the entire time you are there if you don't shut that feature off). If you don't need to use it be safe and turn it off.

    One thing we did was check facebook at least once in the evening and our housesitter who was staying with our gazillion animals including some elderly dogs had said she'd just leave us a message if there were any problems. She even posted on my wall a couple times to let me know things were ok. A couple times friends or family were on so we chatted briefly just to make them jealous of the fabulous time we were having. That might be an idea for others. We took our laptop so we could save pictures off our camera and we were able to put pictures on our pages as well and our friends and family loved it.

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    Hi Everyone..
    So here's what we found out. Our carrier is AT&T. To change to International Service, here are the fees associated with it.

    $5.99 to change the service per line (2)
    $10.00 for 50 text messaging
    $1.69 per minute to talk

    Even if I don't answer the phone, I still will get charged $1.69 per call due to them having to put it through.

    Looks like this will be an even quieter vacation after all... The phone is still going due to the kids back home but it'll be off most of the time!!!

    Regarding the swimming assistance, thanks for the responses on the depth of the water. That's what I was most afraid of. I tried to get into the swimming lessons here to calm that fear but no luck - totally booked each time. If you see a person screaming in 3 feet of water, that would be me!! Thanks again...still packing and soooo ready to go!

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