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    Default A Really Bad Day

    I just had a really, really bad day at work. Nothing to be gained by detailing the scope of the nastiness. But it could be worse... I'm still employed and I have a week next March reserved for myself and my soulmate of over 30 years at Couples Negril. I'll get myself re-centered then. To those who are working at Couples: If you wondered whether what you are doing mattered... it's keeping some of us sane.

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    My hubby and I just had that conversation yesterday! We put up with all the garbage in our working lives so that we can return to Couples every year and experience the magic, if only for a week. Somehow that keeps us focused.

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    Oh Boy, Inthesun....I feel your pain, and could not have said it better - I hope some of the couples employees at CSA read this all are the BEST, and are the reason we're coming back in 8 short days!!!!

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    Inthesun, I know exactly what you mean. I start planning my next trip before the tan fades, the gained pounds are lost and all the wash is done. It is what keeps me sane in a very crazy world.

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    Inthesun- sorry about your bad day, but I know how you feel. I have had a few of those lately too. I also agree, the thought of going to couples, and seeing the smiling faces of our Couple's "family" is great. I think of them often and it makes me smile. That is one reason I am on this board more than I should be. Hope tomorrow (or today) is better for you.

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    My husband and I sit on our back porch on week-end nights and talk about our trips to CN. This helps us get through another year until we can return.(Red Stripe helps too)

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    I'm right there with you ...... Those 7 days a year at CSA make it possible for me to get up and go to work the other 358 days !!!
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    Ditto here Couples Family...I just gaze at the CTI background I have saved on my computer at work and refer to my Iphone days until app...287 days til I come home again..

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    This may not be a complete "cure" for the Bad Day, but it may help a little..........
    (1) turn on a little of your favorite "island vibe tunes"
    (2) pour a little of your favorite "Island libation"
    (3) Gaze at the first of the following three pictures until the libation in your glass is gone.
    (4) refill the glass and stare at the second picture until the glass is empty again.
    (5) repeat process with the third picture.
    (6) if you are not where you need to be now, return to the first picture and repeat the entire process.

    The number of "cycles" you have to go through will be a great indicator of just how bad the day really was...........

    Best wishes!
    One Love,
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    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Right there with ya. The closer our trip gets, the crappier work seems to be getting.

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    Billy (and all)Thanks for the pictures and the encouragement. When I refused to do something I thought was unethical, my boss wouldn't do it either... was just looking for someone to carry their ****. Being principled didn't do anything to improve my reputation around here, but I'm still standing. The good news is that managers come and go every 5-6 years but I've been same position for almost 30, so it's just a matter of time....

    Thanks to everyone for their supporting comments. It was a really bad day, and the support of the folks on this board really mattered. I am still standing, and will be in Negril in March!!!!

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    This is a really old thread, but replying to it brings me closure. Last month technically I retired from that job. Really I quit, but technically I retired because there were benefits associated with that. Now I'm working for myself full time in a job I love and business is booming. Thanks for the support of everyone, especially the staff at Couples. Wherever you are in your career, I wish you the best, but if you are in a bad place, keep the faith. In particular, I doubt if there has ever been a better time to start your own business, but be careful and don't borrow money to do it!

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    John- I for one am glad you refreshed the thread. Congrats on your move, hope all works out well. And Thanks to Billy_Audra for his sound advice back in 2010, good advice is timeless ! mike

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