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    Default December 4th - 14th - 2010

    hey is anyone going between December 4th - 14th - 2010. It will be our first time to Jamaica. We are 28 & 31 (although i still think i'm 19)

    First holiday together too can't wait.

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    There are several listed on the December 2010 thread. Look at it.

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    oops sorry I didn't realise there was one.. will take a look now.


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    We will be there the 9th -14th and we are both 32. 3rd trip to Couples

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    Default We'll see you there

    Hi kycouple-
    We will be there from 12/2-12/6. I hope we can meet for a drink. Josh and I will be the ones from California. There aren't many who end up in JA. We will be celebrating my birthday. The big 3-0. I however refuse to be older than 25

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    Will be there 12/4-11!! 24 days and counting!!! From rural NY.

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    We will be there 8-15 Dawn and David we are from England that "New" England. We are meeting friends from Minnesota the come in on the 9th
    This is our 10th time to Jamaica second to CSS. Any questions feel free to email us at See you there.

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