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    Default Leaving Property

    Has anyone taken the shopping tour offered by the resort? Did you feel safe in town?

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    We felt completely safe. I was expecting something similar to shopping on the Mexican border, but instead we were in nice, modern shops.

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    Hi Happy-

    Yes we walked off property at CN. They take your name at the gate and check you back in when you come back. There is a little craft market there, and a little further down the road there is a like Shell or Chevron station. We also have taken the shopping tour at CTI. They take you to a craft kind of market for about an hour, and then they take you into a downtown area for duty free shopping.

    Both times we felt safe. The sales tactics are very high pressure, and that is a little unsettling for us, but we never felt scared.

    Both times we felt safe. The sales tatics are very high pressure, and that is a little unsettling for us, but we never felt scared.
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    We have taken the shopping shuttle from Ocho Rios and Negril and have taken a taxi on our own into Ocho Rios. We have always felt safe and have never been bothered by anyone.

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    A great way to go if you have never been off resort is to simply arrange for a driver for the day/afternoon/evening. They will happily do this for you at the front desk. I've done this twice and both times it worked out great. It was not as expensive as you would think. Both times we got a very professional and friendly driver who was more than willing to act as our guide. They looked out for us and our stuff the whole time. All you need is just a vague idea of what it is you may want to do.. and then let the driver help decide the best way to go at it. Don't underestimate the value of having the drivers "local" knowledge available to you. He'll know the best shopping, the best jerk, the best sights, and where they keep the coldest Redstripe.

    One thing we always do.... We invite our driver to have lunch with us and pick up the tab.. Apparently this is a fairly common practice, and to be honest, it's really an enjoyable experience. You can learn a lot.

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    Was at CN Jan 2008 and did shopping trip.
    Times Square good souvenis, t shirts coffee and upmarket jewellers. Second part of trip to really crappy threatening shoppin centre in very down market area.
    I had a braid put on my wrist - unasked then money demanded. we didn't pay and eventually this was removed.
    We immediately left the shopping centre and spent 40 minutes waiting in the car park in the hot sun for the trip to end. I felt totlly violated and exploited by this experience.
    w are returning t Cn n December and will do Times Square but not the rest of the trip - will probably go out of resort and just get a taxi to Times Square. I found it all a very threatening expereince and really spoilt my day.
    Couldn't wait to retrn to CN and normality.
    we went across tocraft market on our own. Lots of stalls but very high pressure sales technique. i hate this. I wish to browse and purchase if I want. I will not be pushed into it. I thereofore a more likely to puchase stuff on resort even though prob more expensive as I do no have to endure the high pressure sale it really intimidates me. I spend less so what do the loals gain from this? leave us alone and if want to buy we will.
    In future I will not engage with locals outside the resort in case they put a braid on me and demand money. I thought they were being friendly- i was wrong and naive, my fault I know but I will not give in to begging which is what it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by allanah View Post
    I thought they were being friendly- i was wrong and naive, my fault I know but I will not give in to begging which is what it is
    These folks have to scrap and save to get by. It isn't begging as you, the consumer, get a product in the end.

    Are they aggressive sellers? Yep. For many it is their sole source of income, but a polite, firm "no thanks" is all it takes.

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    Are there any bikini shops in Negril where you can get the skimpier styles?

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