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    Default Parasailing at CN?

    Has anyone ever parasailed at CN? We will be there in a week, and my wife has never done this before. Is it better to set it up thru the resort or just thru the guys boating around the beach? Any help will be appreciated.

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    You set it up with the guys in the boat or the guy walking the beach, sorry I can't remember his name. Its alot of fun!! Make sure to just talk with one or the other. My first time parasailing I spoke to the guy on the beach and the guys in the boat, what I got was two different prices and some not so happy boat captains. It was still alot of fun though, since that time I usually just talk to the boat captains since their the ones buckling you up...LOL.

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    You cannot set it up through the resort. Couples does not endorse parrasailing in Jamaica. And, with good reason. It is very dangerious in Jamaica. There is no regulation and they can do whatever they want. We went once and the harness seamed to be good and sturdy, but it was tied to the boat by a little, skinny, frayed rope by a very small knot. We were terrified that the rope would break and send us into a building or something. You would be much better off doing it in the states where the operators are regulated.

    That being said, yes you can do it at Couples Negril. There is a water taxi that will pick you up near the CN water sports hut and take you around the point to the place where you pay for it and then out to the boat. Take a credit card to pay for it and some cash to tip all the people on the water taxi and boat. They were very aggressive in "asking" for tips when we finished. You can just hang around the water sports area and wave to the guys on the jet skis or the water taxi boat and they will come and get you. Or, the CN water sports guys can hook you up with these guys too.
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    Thanks for the tips. Plane leaves in 2 days, 17 hours, and 17 mins. Hard to work!

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