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    Default Missing Camera @ CSA

    We have just returned from Jamaica, Couples Swept Away, 2nd visit & loved it. Although on the morning of departure, Monday 11/08/10 we had an early morning breakfast at Patio's, a round table of 6, located at the entrance by the kitchen, I laid my silver Cannon camera in a black leather case, with a severed wrist handle, down in the center of the table, walked off & forgot it.

    I had priceless pictures of the whole trip, my daughters wedding & pictures back home of my 3 year old grand-daughter who is battling cancer.

    Please, Please contact me if you find this camera. We were in room 4111, Larry & Deb, my email is We have notified the resort, they will also have contact info.

    I'm desperate to get my camera back. Thank you sooo much.

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    I love Jamaica and CSA! Hats off to you, all the staff and guests!

    I am celebrating that my camera has showed up! All my sentimental pictures, I didn’t care so much about the camera, even though it was a very nice one, it was the fact I lost all those priceless pictures, and that it wasn’t stolen.

    This was our second visit and our daughter & son-in-law’s (Gina & Corey’s) 3rd visit, I couldn’t believe someone would have taken the camera and not returned it,

    We feel so comfortable at CSA, all the employees are always so helpful and caring and the guests have all been so nice that it was sooo disappointing to think someone could have taken the camera.

    But it was me, I absent mindedly put it into my daughters small suitcase that she loaned me last minute, I threw it into a small zippered compartment in a rush to the shuttle.
    I returned the suitcase back to her, with the wedding reception and all the distractions she just went to put it away and found the camera. Ya Mon! No Problem!!!!

    Thank you so much for checking, I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.

    Thank you so much,

    See you again soon,


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