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    Default CSS Literally Heaven on Earth

    My wife an I just recently returned form CSS, and below is part of the letter I wrote to the General Manager of the resort to express our experience during our stay. Not only did this gentleman read my note, but he personally called me at home thanking me for the opportunity to show my wife and I a wonderful time. It absolutely doesnt get any better than that.

    Folks, this is a very professional operation and you wont be disappointed in choosing Couples San Souci for your next vacation. I am 100% sure that you will experience the same at the other 3 Couples resorts.
    The only problem now is: My body is presently at my residence, but my HEART and SOUL is still in Jamaica.

    I am writing this note to express the emotions that my wife and I experienced while recently being honored guests at Couples San Souci. Our stay was from October 3 to October 8. I really am struggling on where to start. So I will start from the beginning.

    In August, my wife I decided that we were in dire need of a relaxing vacation. Especially seeing how tough our lives have been the last few years. We have experienced the loss of family members, along with the loss of my job. After doing much tiring research, we decided on visiting Jamaica for our first time. Now all we had to do was to decide on which resort. Again, after much tiring research I decided on Couples San Souci. I picked Couples San Souci mostly because of your extensive web site. The message board was such a great tool in deciding. I loved the responses that Randy Russell gave to the many questions on the board. I could tell by his responses that he was concerned about everything in question. There is no doubt in my mind that Randy loves his job and is extremely proud of what the Couples chain has to offer. He sold me.

    Along with deciding to stay at Couples San Souci, I decided to surprise my wife with planning the re-newal of our vows. We celebrated 30 years of marriage in June of this year. I felt is was about time that I expressed my unconditional love that I have for my beautiful wife. Debbie, in your Florida office was a tremendous help in setting up this memorable experience. She went above and beyond in making this happen. I was unable to give her the month notice she needed to schedule this without incurring additional charges. She was able to do this because this was just a renewal and the time of of the year. There was no hesitation in Debbie scheduling this. Bless this young lady.

    Now it is time to start our adventure. The flight went smooth and we arrived at Montego Bay. Your hospitality suite at the airport was very welcoming. Within 30 minutes we are on the bus heading to the resort. Upon on arrival we were greeted by several of your employees, all in a wonderful mood. The check in process went smoothly. We were told then that we were scheduled to meet with Karla, the Wedding Coordinator the next morning. We then were escorted to our suite. We stayed in B-25, it had a lovely view of the grounds and ocean. It was extremely clean and welcoming. If I have any complaint at all, it would be that the room could be updated a little. But trust me, it was very acceptable. After all I wasnt going to spend much time in the room anyway. The next day we meet with Karla. What a sweet young lady she is. She was so professional and caring. She made the process of scheduling everything for our re-newal a very pleasant experience. In fact, we picked her as our favorite Couples employee. And that decision was not an easy one to make.

    We have now spent a full day at the resort and are starting to feel very comfortable. We are starting to enjoy the people, the food, the amenities, and the grounds. And by the way, did I mention the PEOPLE. I am glad that your resort has a no tipping policy. Because if it didnt, I would be broke financially. I truly hope you appreciate your employees. I wanted to bring them all back home with me.

    If I had to pick the most memorable experience while staying at Couples San Souci, it would have to be the day of our ceremony. Everything went perfectly. Karla made sure every detail was in place. She even escorted my wife to the hair dresser. A few hours after the ceremony we went back to our room. To our surprise, the room attendant, Shelise had decorated our bed with fresh flowers. This brought tears to the eyes of both my wife an I. It was so beautiful and thoughtful. I immediately tracked down Shelise to thank her. My wife and I hugged her while crying. Thank you so much for that memory. By the way, Shelise went over and beyond in cleaning our room. She would even leave us little notes. I understand she was in training at that time. You have a winner in Shelise.

    Now I I would like to extend KUDO's to a few of your other employees. These people went over and above to make sure our stay was so memorable.

    Jheanel, at the mineral pool. I want to steal this young lady. What a personality. During our re-newal ceremony she was standing near by enjoying the music that we had picked out. She came up to my wife and I and congratulated us. She was so sincere. Later in the week we ran into Jheanel again. Again she congratulated us. I mentioned that she should find herself a real good man. She then stated that she would pick a man like me. Do you have any idea how that makes a 58 year old maturing man feel? I dont know where you found her, but in my mind you better take care of her. What an asset she would be in any position Couples has to offer.

    Christopher, at the water sports area. This young man took my wife and I on the ride of our lives. After 3 days of scheduling the glass bottom boat tour, and being told that the ocean bottom was stirred up too much to be able to see anything, Christopher boss ask him to take us on a speed boat ride. That he did, and then some. He took us up and down the Ocho Rios coast. He showed us the other resorts and some of the houses on the coast. No need to worry, Couples San Souci is the very best of all of them. For sure Christopher put a smile on our faces and left us with some nice memories.

    Andrew, at the beach bar. You couldnt pick a better individual to represent Couples in a bar setting. This young man has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor.

    Claudia Edwards, our photographer. Again a wonderful personality, and GREAT at what she does. The pictures were beautiful.

    All of your gardeners. My wife is a manger of a lawn and garden center. She knows about landscaping. She spent several moments talking to most of them. They were all very pleasant and helpful.

    Your chefs and your entertainment people were all wonderful.

    In closing I would like to thank you and your staff for making our vacation one of the most memorable events in our lives. In the 30 years that I have been married to my lovely wife, I have NEVER seen her so relaxed and had so many smiles on her face. That my friend is PRICELESS!!!!
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    Couples Resorts

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    Very nice to hear!!! There are still wonderful people in the world that have not forgot about serving other people and making them feel good. Looking forward to our trip in Jan at CSS!!!

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    "Great Letter." So true too!!!

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    What a wonderful sharing of your experience. We have been to CN and CSA on two several occasions, but have not experienced CSS or CTI -- BUT we will in 3 days, 11 hours and 56 minutes. So your sharing was a lovely reinforcement as we really struggled about going to some place other than CN or CSA. Congratulation on your 30 years of marriage.

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    This brought tears to my eyes. This is the way we feel about this place as well. It is more then a vacation - more like a healing retreat. Getting Married there in May. I can not wait.

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    Please don't steal Jheanel! We will be CSS in 9 days and we plan to go straight to the mineral bar to see her! Great review!
    Paula & Greg

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    Congratulations on your 30th wedding Anniversary! My husband and I will be returning to CSS on Sunday to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary. We are returning to CSS for our second visit and cannot wait to "come home". You are so right about the people at the resort. It is absolutely one of the reasons we are returning....

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    Great letter. We hope to go to San Souci some day. Couples rocks.

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    Wow! And congratulations. I read your messages and I can only wish you both the best.

    WE did love CSS and now will compare that to CSA during our trip this late December.

    I can only hope we experience the same as we did at CSS.

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    Thank you for sharing your letter! We are CSA lovers, but you certainly do make me want to try CSS! Glad you had such a special time there. Congrats on 30 years together -- this is quite a feat these days!

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    thank you for sharing. I'm going to CSS for the 1st time in 28 days for my 26th anniversary. Your letter makes me anticipate it so much more! thanks.

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    We'll be at CSS for the first time in Feb. Thanks you so much for sharing your wonderful experience here on the board. Now I'm looking forward to our trip even more!

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    We are considering switching our reservation from CTI to CSS to try something new. I enjoyed reading your review- thank you for sharing.

    Shawn and Rhonda Speaker
    15 years
    CTI 2010
    CTI 2011

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    I have been re-reading this post as I am counting down the days to our next trip home to CSS (83 and counting), mostly because it captures everything we love about CSS and why we couldn't convince ourselves to hop across the island to check out CN or CSA, at least on this trip. Each time we have been, at the Couples lounge in MBJ everyone asks where you're heading, and we are always the minority or only ones heading to CSS, and most other couples are not usually that familiar with our little slice of heaven. Thank you for giving the CSS family the praise they have earned and sharing it with the rest of us.

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    Just an awesome thread and letter to Pierre and CSS's employees.


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    Hi FuninJamica,
    As we noted in an earlier post, we had not been to CSS (nor CTI) but always to CN and CSA. Having just returned this week, we found CSS to be all you said and much more. While certainly different (as each of the Couples resorts are) we also enjoyed CTI. Each special in their own unique way -- i.e., you can not go wrong...

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    This makes me so happy to read this. My fiance and I will be at CSS apr. 17-24,2011. We will also be getting married there on Apr. 20 2011! I cannot wait. Never in my life have I been so anxious for the holidays to be over with so we can get closer to JAMAICA baby!!!

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