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    Default Just booked CTI for 2011

    Just booked CTI for August 2011. I know it seems way off but it will be here before we know it.

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    WE've been booked CTI for November since April of 2010.

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    We bpooked our June 2011 trip to CTI in March 2010. I think what you will find with this post is that people will tell you it is NEVER to early to book. Booking that early just allows you that much more time to get that much more excited about it!!!!!!!!
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    Ha. We booked CSA in May of 2011 back in January of 2010. Fortunately, we have a CSS trip coming up in ONE MONTH!! (from today! Can you tell I'm excited?)
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    We were hoping for April but it didnt look like it was going to work out. We went this past August and the weather was great. Happy Travels to everyone.

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    We booked for Sept. 2011 in Apr. 2010 for CTI. The time is actually going by fast.

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