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    Default Christmas hatters meet-up

    For anyone who hasn't been on the Dec 2010 thread - we are having a Christmas Hatter Meet Up at the poolbar 12/14. I think it is 2:00, but I am sure Carolyn can correct me if I am incorrect. We started this last year and though small, had a great time and met some great people.

    Put on you bestes Christmas Hat and join us for drinks at the Pool-Bar. Larry is BUYING and Driving You Home afterwards

    CAROLYN - correct me if I am wrong with the time.

    24 days and counting

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    Yeah Mon, I believe you are right about the date and time. My Christmas hats are the only thing I've got ready to go right now. But hey, important things first, right? I mean, it would be a good idea to get the passports out and something to wear with the hats (like earrings maybe)
    It should be fun, so plan for it and we'll see you there. So glad Larry is such a good guy and offer to drive us home; however, how does he feel about having to pack us home??

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    Can't wait.....should be fun!!
    Can't wait for the part where Carolyn does 4 Bob Marleys

    Debbie, what day do you get there?? Its 24 days today for you must be there a couple days before me?

    Anyone else up for the meet-up??

    SOON COME!!!

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