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    Hi all ,

    My husband and I are going to CN in 10 days!!!! yahooo..
    We want to check out the Office of Nature and from what we've read the second one is the original, but I did want to ask everyone...

    What should I order? (besides the ice cold red stripe , of course!)


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    When you go, ask for Cookie. She is the original "owner" shall we say.

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    We will be there in 4 days and are definitely gonna try it out. From what we understand, the only thing to order is the fresh lobster that they bring out of the ocean and cook right on the beach. I've seen price ranges anywhere from $10-20 for a whole lobster. Can't beat it!

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    Take your own Red Stripe as the "real" OON does not have it. The Lobster is $20 per person. You won't find Cookie or her husband "Builder Bob aka Randy" at the office. They had a falling out with Gritty and only make an appearence there if they know you. Cookie has a "shop" to sell stuff just before you get to the OON. We will also be there in ten days.

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    You will recognize Cookie by the many multi colored wigs she wears, tell her Spike and Pete say hello. Also further down the beach past Office of Nature and past Cookie is a small outdoor restaurant just before you reach RUI that has amazing grilled conch.

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    During our visit last year, we were asked if we wanted some beer to go with our lobster. One of the guys hopped on his scooter and got us a 6 pack of Red Stripe from somewhere nearby......

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