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    We will be at Couples Swept Away on Jan 8th for 2 weeks. Wondering if anybody else will be there at the same time.

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    Hi Artcheryl!

    We arrive on the 11th for a week then off to Sans Souci for another! See you at the piano bar!

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    Hi, we also arrive at CSA on the 8th Jan for 2 weeks. Can't wait! Approximately 52 days and 21 hours until our flight leaves, but who's counting?

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    Great looking forward to having a great time in Jamaica, and meeting some great people. So we will see you at the piano bar.

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    Carol and Richard where are you flying out of.

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    We are flying out of London Gatwick - so loooong flight to Jamaica. We arrive about 5pm, so should be at CSA in time for dinner (although my body clock will be saying it is time to sleep).
    We can usually be found in the Martini Bar/Pool room in the evening, although hoping to try the piano bar this year.
    Marnie - any advice on what happends on different nights at the Piano Bar?

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    Hi Carol and Richard!

    We had so much fun and met so many great people at the Piano Bar! Ultimate Chocolate is such a talent! We had a special night (Thursday) where he had a Name That Tune contest, boys against the girls. It became very competetive! Lots of talk and even a practice night on the Tuesday. They gave away prizes and everyone had a blast. I would guess we had 80 people packed into the bar!

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    We also arrive at around 5pm Flying in from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. See you in the lounge at the air port.

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    Artcheryl - hope to meet up with you in the Couples Lounge at the airport. We'll be the very tired Brits.

    Marnie - Thursday night sounds good fun, hope to see you there.

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    This is our first trip to CSA, this is our first trip to any Couples resorts. We have been to Jamaica before, we were at the Riu Negril last trip. From what we have read we are really looking forward to the Couples experience. We were at a resort in Mexico last year with 2000 rooms, really looking forward to a smaller more intimate resort. We like to get some of the local flavor instead of the big corporate resorts.

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    Woo hoo! Only a month to go! Can't wait!

    Yesterday morning my husband was driving me to the train station, and Bob Marley 'no woman no cry' was on the radio. We looked at each other and tried to imagine being in Jamaica. However at -10C (14F) outside we did struggle a bit to find the laid back vibe.
    Also last Friday I got home from a long week at work and fancied a chocolate martini to get me in the holiday zone, but it was so cold out, I had a hot chocolate with rum cream instead - which I would highly recommend.

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    Sounds Delicious! I had a blast last night, went on youtube and looked at a ton of videos of Couples resorts in Jamaica. I hope it will make the next 33 days go by faster.

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    Month today will be waking up in Jamaica, with all the stress of the last 8 months we can hardley wait. Ja mon

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    I love the thought of waking up in Jamaica this time next month

    Can't wait for the warmth, views, people, diving, martini bar, banana stuffed french toast, Seagrapes, smoothies, the list could go on......

    and only 14 working days to go for me

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    But who is counting.

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    Hey ArtCheryl we arrive the day before you. I was born in Winnipeg and now live in Northwestern Ontario. Still have lots of family there, including my son so we make the trip a couple times a year. This will be our fourth visit to CSA. You are going to absolutely love it! You must spend time at the Piano Bar with Ulti. He is the best!

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    Looking forward to meeting you, we get in early evening on the 8th. So we will meet you at the Piano bar. It sound like CSA is the place to be.

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    Happy New Year everyone!!

    Arriving at CSA on the 6th. from Edmonton and looking forward to thawing out on the beach. The Bob Marley is on the MP3 and the dancing shoes are packed. Sounds like the piano bar is going to be busy, see everyone there.

    Rachelle and Daryl

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    Rachelle and Daryl
    We will be arriving at about 8 pm on the 8th. So after we check in get some dinner, it will be off to the piano bar and meet some people. We are so looking forward to our holiday. Minus 28 here this morning. See you on the weekend.
    Art and Cheryl

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    Hi Artcheryl!

    We don't get there until the 11th but will meet up with your and Darryl and Rachelle at the piano bar that night! Cannot wait to get there!!!

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    Great looking forward to meeting you, we will be there in 3 more days. Can hardley wait.

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