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    Back to CSA in 1 month...12/16....can't wait to go out on the hobie cats again...last time we were at CSA we didn't get to go out until the next to last day we were there,,,what a mistake because those little sail boats are a BLAST,,,you are missing out on some great fun if you don't try 1 out,,,the staff will give you a quick lesson and away you go.....get way out there and do some nude sunbathing with the wife or hubby(((wife behind me as I'm typing and yelling YOU ARE NOT GETTING NEKKED),,,o well fun with or without a bathing suit on............

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    LOL we to waited to try the Hobbie cats on our last day. They are a little harder then they look. The wind died and they had to come get us. LOL Cant wait to try it again.

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    Weeeeee. The hobie cats are a blast. We took them out once on a windy day and we flew.

    Always thought it would be fun to take a bottle of wine…but not the naked part

    Have fun as a couple...Life is good

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