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    Default Trading Spaces to CN - Things to Do??

    I'm hijacking a prior thread about what to do on a CSA trading spaces jaunt (great idea!)....

    We'll be at CSA, and wanted to check out CN. I'm sure there are some folks here who will be able to fill us in on what we should be sure to do on our day at CN....Any input would be great!

    Thanks in advance -

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    We are going to do a trading places to CN from CSA this year too! Anxious to hear the must-do's and must-eats and must-drinks while we are there for a day!

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    We did the same thing during our stay at CSA earlier this year. You'll get there just in time for the CN orientation tour. This is good to take as it'll orient you to the resort and allow you to ask the staff questions as you consider your next trip there. Since CSA does not have an au natural beach this might be a good thing to try also.

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    try the pool and swim up bar,

    go AN you will be anonymous from your CSA friends...

    even just try it in the water cant be beat...

    sail in bloody bay or kayak its really calm most days.

    have Fun


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    Never been to CSA so don't know the "difference." However, things we love at CN:

    -- The beach. It's deep with very smooth water.
    -- The pool bar, especially in the mid to late afternoon.
    -- Jerk chicken at the beach grill
    -- Massages in the tree house

    I doubt CN is "better" than CSA, just different. From what I've read, the property is smaller and more intimate. The beach is deeper but not as long. The pool is larger and a gathering place.

    Take the tour if you can so you can see all the resort has to offer. Ask to see rooms and suites if there are any empty or being cleaned (all rooms are the same but for location; ditto with suites). Check out the dinner menus for the restaurants. Look at the fitness center and the internet room. Talk to the guests about all the things they love about CN.

    You may end up deciding CSA is perfection. Or, maybe, that CN now speaks to you and it's your next Couples destination. Either way, you can't go wrong!!

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    You know I think that since CN and CSA are right on the bay in Negril, there is not much difference in the beach experience. I think the big difference may be at the pool bar. Visit it and slide over the waterfall and swim up to the bar and talk to all the fun people and employees.

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    Go AN! If you are curious of course, I'm willing to bet you'll have the time of your life. No worries, you're in Jamaica!

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    I'm looking forward to trying cn for a day in April!

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    If you are going to CSA, I would try the snapper sandwhich!!!. CN doesnt offer them. My husband and I went to CSA as a trading places thing, we really liked the pool bar and the snapper sandwhiches. Our hearts are at CN though.
    One Love,

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    Our suggestion would be to spend your time at CN on the AN beach, we spend most of our time there

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    Any foods that are a must-do?

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