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    Default CSS October 2011

    Hi everyone!!!

    My husband and I were just married at CSS on 10-10-10, this place is the best! We are so in love with CSS we are planning our return trip for Oct 2011. We actually met a few couples from this forum in person so I figured I would start one. We have quite a while to go but Iam ready to start the count down if anyone wants to join me. We met such wonderful people on our last trip, I'm looking forward to doing it all over again! If there are any first timers please feel free to ask me anything! Christy and Derek

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    HI Christy and Derek, congrats on your marriage. My wife and I were married at CSS last Oct on the 12th. We already have our return trip planned for OCt 2011 fromn the 7-15. Wehave been counting down since easter of this year so dont feel bad about counting already.

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    Default Countdown to 10/2011

    I started my countdown to return to CSS about a week after returning. We were there Oct.6th thru Oct.12th. The way I figure it we have about 46 more weeks. Can't wait to be "HOME" again. October 2011 be there or be square! In love with my husband and CSS.

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    we cant wait
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    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    It seem like we were there at the same time, we were there from the 7th-12th Oct 2010. This place is so amazing! We had originally thought we would go back in another 5 years or so....not happening. This time we are going to be there from Oct.5-11 2011 and we can hardly wait!

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    Default Marriage License Question

    Quote Originally Posted by river View Post
    HI Christy and Derek, congrats on your marriage. My wife and I were married at CSS last Oct on the 12th. We already have our return trip planned for OCt 2011 fromn the 7-15. Wehave been counting down since easter of this year so dont feel bad about counting already.
    When you got married at CSS how long did it take to get your marriage license in the mail?

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    about 10-12weeks.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Default Awesome

    Thanks! We were told about 12-16 weeks, even 10-12 is a long time. As long as it gets here I will be happy. Thanks for letting me know, I've been getting anxious.

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    Default Marriage License Coming

    Well after only about 6 weeks I received an email saying they had mailed my marriage license to it's time for the name change.....

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    did you get your license yet? Its a neat looking. Anybody else ready yet. Hey LIsa and Russ cant wait to see you guys.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Default 10 Months and 3 Weeks!!!!!!!

    I did, I recieved it right before Christmas...I didn't expect to see it until the end of Jan. so it was a nice surprise. i cannot wait for our trip back, it's all we talk about! We are going to stay an extra day this time, I think we will leave on the 5th and come home on the 12th. Our flight got all messed up last time so we lost an entire day.

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    We'll be back at CSS Oct 14 - 23. While there, we'll be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. We actually honeymooned at CTI in october 1981! I think that it was just called Couples Jamaica back then. In order to prepare for October, we're also visiting in April!

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    Default 10 Months and 2 days to go

    Looks like we will just miss you. We had originally thought we would return in 5 years or so. Our experience was so amazing there's no way I can wait that long. The Cassanova restaraunt is to die for. we only ate there once and regreted it sense. We plan on trying to eat there as many times as they will allow next time!

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    We are thinking about going to CSS in October...3rd week...I say thinking cause we are looking at CTI also, but there is something pulling me to CSS.

    Any helpful hints or overly exciting things that you just loved?!?!

    Maybe we'll see some of you there...we'll make our final decision (resort-dates) in a few weeks!

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    My husband and I will be a CSS from Oct. 8-16, 2011. I can't wait. This will be our 2nd visit. The first time we went to CSA. I am excited to try a new location.

    I was thinking about trying to add a day or two on at CTI.

    Have a wonderful day,


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    just wanted to post a pic of us. cant wait till Oct.
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    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    My fiance and I were hoping to get married at CSS on 11/11/11 (hence the sreen name but it was all booked up. We are now shooting for the first of November. What's Halloween like at CSS? It will be our first time at the resort.

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    Hello everyone, we are Mike & Dana from Maryland and we will be at CSS from Oct. 3 - 10. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. This is our 2nd time to Couples. Our first time was in Feb. 2010 to CN. Hope everyone has a great time and maybe we will see some of you down there.

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    Looks like we are going to just miss a lot of you guys! We are going, most likely, the 18th - 25th. We can't go any earlier because of someone elses' vacation at my husbands office...dang it!!

    Anyone gonna be there when we are?!?

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    Hi Christy & Derek,
    Heading to CSS Mar.9 for 10 days. Can't wait, always wanted to go to Jamaica. Staying in an Ocean verendah, is one bldg better than another we are both fit and don't mind walking just want a nice room with a view.
    Also planning to go AN, that'll be a first. Also may do the 1 day pass to CTI. Any info or suggestion you may have would be great.
    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
    Ken & Karen
    Winnipeg, (freaking freezing) Canada

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    We will be going to CCS on Oct 8-15. This will be our second time at CSS. We were there Oct 9-16, 2010. We met some great people last year.

    Rene and Tracy

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    My fiancee and I are booking our honeymoon for 10/3 - 10/8 at Sans Souci.. our first trip to Jamaica and couples. We're counting down the days to the trip (& the wedding!)

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    Just curious to know around what age everyone is. We are planning our honeymoon for October 3-10th and deciding between CSS and CTI but we aren't sure where to go! We are also early/mid 20's and want somewhere that is fun with lots of drinking and socializing :-)

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    My wife is 29 and I am 39.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Hey Everyone!!

    My Husband and I were there October 2009 for our first time. IT WAS AMAZING!! We love CSS.

    We were planning to go back last October, but we got pregnant, so that changed out plans.

    We will be heading back this October though, and can't wait!!! We will be there October 12 -22. I have not been on the board in awhile. So just starting to catch up.

    We Met River and his Bride on our first trip there, and had gotten to know one another on this board prior to our trip. Shout out to River and the Wifey!
    Amanda & Chris
    Edmonton, AB

    "Were Coming HOME with our Jamaican Crew Oct 12, 2011"

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