For those who haven't been before, what to expect and not over look. Eveyone talks about the wonderful people, the food the great dinks ect.and rightly so! But there are hidden treasures at CN if you take time to "see" them. The first thing that will hit you as you get off the bus, is the smell of the island, it's not a bad smell and not what you would call a pleasant smell, just a warm tropical smell, which I will say, you will grow to love. Next you will notice the lobby, the brillant vibrant colors of reds and warm dark wood and beautiful greens, now you have engaged two of your five senses and trust me you will know it. By now the staff has found you and have brought you a cold drink and cool moist towel, which both are so welcomed as the cool moist towel lays on your hot skin and you start to relax and then realize you were thisty! Now taste and touch have just become overwhelmed, and you have only been there a few minutes. And as you fill out your paper work 4 of your five senses are firing!Now as you wander over to the balcony and overlook the pool, then you hear the ocean breaking on the beach in the distant, and all of the people having fun at the pool with music from the swim up bar...and now it all hits you. This is the first hidden treasure of CN. The thrill and overwhelming of the senses, and you haven't even left the lobby!