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    I recently won a contest with an airline which offers vacation packages. We have decided to use it to go to Jamaica for a week and we will be bringing another couple with us. We have pretty much settled on the Couples resorts but need to decide which one. Because I am only permitted to book our vacation 30 days prior to departure, I feel as though we need to rank the resorts in order of preference in case we are unable to get our first choice. We have been to many fancy, large all-inclusives in Mexico, DR and to Sandals in St. Lucia. I realize this company has a different sort of resort. Honestly leaning towards CSS or CN, bit CTI looks interesting too. Looking for one where the four of us will have things to do if we wish, seeking great food, and the beach is really important to us. Thanks!

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    Most things to do that are included is CTI.

    bigger beaches - Negril - CN/CSA

    Food - All are great

    Resorts that you are in town and can walk - CSA/CN

    Most private, No locals - CTI, Next CSS
    Irie Mon

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