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    Default Can't wait___csa

    5 more weeks til CSA,,,Yehaaaaaaaaaaaa(Dec 16),,,I'm going to...
    Eat Lots
    Drink Lots
    Laugh Lots
    Hug and Kiss the wife Lots
    Have Lots and Lots of FUN

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    LOL, Hockeydad4! There's lots of detail on this board about all the wonderful things that people love to do at CSA...but your post pretty much sums it all up!! Enjoy your visit home to CSA and do all those things you mention to excess! We'll be back in two weeks and plan to do the same!!!

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    The only thing to add is RELAX LOTS... enjoy..

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    I concur! Dec 19th can not come fast enough! So want to get back to Jamaica! Hang at CSA, and do all of your aboves! Only other thing is we are goin to check out CN again one day, as we were there last year! And then slide down to see our buddy Starry down by the Office Of Nature Original!

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    hey, we will be there at the same time....arrive 12/17 till 12/27. First time for us. Would be cool to meet some of you there =)

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    You are going to have a blast. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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