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    Default Latest Review on TA - Bugs

    I just finished reading the latest review on TA and I'm now a bit concerned. I know it doesn't happen all the time and it probably won't happen to us but this freaked me out when I read that he woke to find a large roach on his face! I would be so upset I would have had to stay awake with the light on too. I'm so scared of bugs, I wonder if I can ask them to spray around the room entrance and doors for us. I know this is not really in the control of the resort and that the facility is outstanding. and after all, no one can control mother nature but I'm wondering if they can do some preventative things if we request it?

    I am still looking forward to my trip there on Jan 15 and am counting the days.....hearing stuff like this just makes me a bit concerned. I know the resort is fabulous and is reported to be very clean everywhere but....the bug thing is just upsetting....hoping this has not happened too often to anyone...

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    I don't know which location you are talking about but I am sure there are bugs at all of them. Last time we were at CSA we started out with a ground floor room that was crawling with bugs. They were everywhere. I killed hundreds on the bed and more and more just kept coming! There were HUGE ants everywhere too. I kept my toothbrush in a ziplock baggie because they were all over everything. We switched to a second floor room and there were hardly any bugs. I think the ground floor room had so many because of the easy access. I haven't seen anything like roaches but a ton of little bugs can be aggravating too. The second to last time we were there we got bitten up like crazy. The bug situation is different each time we are there. Someone mentioned bug spray in the rooms but we did not have any.

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    We have made 4 trips to CSA and stayed on the ground floor each time. We didn't have a problem with bugs. The first year, noticed a few small ants in the bathroom, but that was it.

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    You are talking about Couples Negril. We just came back from there and the only thing we saw were ants... tiny ones. I think the ground floor rooms get more bugs no matter where you go. Noone we talked to on the resort had a problem with bugs other then ants.

    It's the chance you have to take if you want to go to paradise

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    The resort was Couples Negril and it happened in a 3rd floor room. In the review they say the room was extremely clean as all the reviews say so i just found it odd that they said it was a huge roach....on an upper floor....usually you can expect bugs for sure on the main level...we have found that too. I thought roaches hung out where there was a lot of dirt....that's what i don't understand...

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    We have been to CSA twice and both times we have seen bugs. As long as you dont leave sweet things out the little crawling bugs dont bother you. As far as the as large bugs go we only came across one of those. My husband was in the shower and I was getting ready for dinner. I took a step and felt something under my foot. I looked and saw a HUGE roach dartng towards the closet. I FREAKED out!! I had only seen one roach prior to this so I was no roach expert and the one I had seen was a little one in Mexico. This was no little one, I screamed my husband came out of the shower to find me standing on the bed like a big baby. I told him he had to find it or I would not sleep for the rest of the trip. Trying to make me feel better he told me he didnt think it was a roach but he would find it for me anyway. When he found it I saw the look on his face I knew he was freaked out too and I knew I was right it was indeed a super large roach. Although my husband says he was not scared he too says that the inch and a half sized giant roach was a little on the large side. That night I would wake up and turn on the lights and make sure there were none on the floor before walking. My husband and I laughed about it the rest of the trip.

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    Eww - either situation would be disturbing. If it makes you feel better my husband and I have stayed on the ground floor at CN and on the 2nd floor at CTI and I don't remember seeing any bugs.

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    I saw the review and it was for CN. My assumption is that it wasn't a roach, but a Palmetto bug....looks similar and probably still freaky. We have been there twice and not seen one in the room. It is the tropics and they are there, but the rooms are kept exceptionally clean and you don't have to worry about that. I can assume if you are on the first floor and leave your doors open, there would be visitors, possibly more than bugs....just a thought. But no worries MON. We just came back and are already planning our next trip.

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    This is the Carribean we are talking about, I have been everywhere basically thru out the Carribean and everywhere has bugs, try staying at the cabanas in Tulum Mexico. Remember we invaded their space and built in areas indigenous to them.

    It amuses me to read this as I am a facility manager in a school district in New Jersey and everything here is going green. About five years ago our state adopted IPM program (Intergrated pest management) which basically means no chemicals, during my training I asked the head honcho what I should tell the staff back in my school district about the increase that will be noticed in insect life under this new program. "Tell everyone at your district to move over and learn to share the world with these critters its in the best interest of the children and society!!!!

    Remeber moisture and warmth will always attract most insects that you see and cock roaches are all over the carribean it has nothing to do with cleanliness it is their habitat.

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    I would totally freak out if I saw bugs in my room, especially in the bed! I am terrified of bugs and run/scream like crazy. My husband and I already talked about the tree frogs/crabs/sand fleas and I probably can deal with that seeing they are not in the room. At first sight of a bug, there's a tone in my voice that my husband knows and comes running with a shoe or something. Had a cricket jump on my foot one day and it took me a week to get over the shivering cold feeling.

    After reading this post last night, I even dreamed about bugs on my face and in the bed..omg woke up swatting!! I know that room requests are not guaranteed but I sure hope that we are able to get a third floor room, otherwise, I don't think I'll sleep the entire time, let alone have a great much needed vacation.

    We plan on bringing the bug spray too.

    10 days and counting!!

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    Have always stayed on ground floor at CN and had no problem with bugs at all. I have seem some most definitely, but with windows and doors being open nothing that would cause me any alarm or even concern. We go in February so maybe the bugs are on vacation then. :-)

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    I had bfvs @ CSA at the end of oct 2010, no bugs at all. I did leave some patties out that we bought at Juicy Beef and there were ants all over it by the end of the day. I threw away the food and the ants were gone. I dont think they will have a problem spraying pesticides in your room if you request it. I actually managed to get a palapa 1 day out of 7 and there were ants all over it. I saw the pest control guy and asked him if he could spray it down and he did.

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    OK, first of all let's remember this is the tropics and bugs are a fact of life, doesn't matter what resort you stay at.

    Over the years I have read numerous reports by guests about bugs in the rooms, some cases worse than others, so yes there can be a bug issue. Melody, yours sounds like the worst case I have heard. We had a pesky battle with mosquitos last summer, and we have had occasional ants visit our room, but nothing like melody's story above. If you put in a call to the desk they will send out a maintenance person to spray your room for crawlies or even mosquitos. It has worked for us on both types of invaders.

    Hope this does not discourage anyone from visiting Couples, or for that matter Jamaica. We had a worse problem with bugs at a well known resort in Florida, so it is not particular to Jamaica or Couples. While creepy, they are for the most part harmless and can be controlled indoors.

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    JUst returned from CSA. We did not see giant ants, but there were frequently little trails of itty bitty and that looked smaller than fleas, but under macro on the camera, they were ants. We saw one big roach on the floor(I called it a water bug, but wife called it a German Cockroach.) We had bugspray(off) with us, and it instantly killed the little ants in their tracks. BUT, anytime we called housekeeping, they showed up within minutes to spray the entire room with environmentally friendly bug spray. They also offer mosquito candles for the room. We usually "OFF'D" ourselves pretty regularly, even before bed, and were not bothered, but....the last night there, we showered before bed, did not use OFF, and woke up with about 20-30 mosquito bites each. Aside from the mosquito bites, it was paradise. Remember, you are REALLY close to nature here, so there are critters. The lizards on the porch were fun to watch, the tree frogs were lulling to sleep. The little ants, by the way, did not seem to be attracted to sweet stuff in the room. They were looking for water it seemed. Have a fantastic time. Don't be worried, just be prepared.

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    six visits to CN , only bugs we saw were some ants on plates left outside rooms, and some bugs at night at the beach
    ....thought I saw an alligator,,,but that was determined to be too many Red Strips

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    At CSA now in 1st floor atrium room. We were just commenting yesterday about the lack of bugs!! But it is the tropics, so I think you just need to be aware that they exist and not keep any food or old plates/cups in your room (or at least rinse them off).

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    The real problem with reviews is that all of us only have a very limited experience with any particular resort... even if we've been to the same place several times. So you have to rely on a large numbers of reviews from a large number of reviews. I think trip adviser is very reliable if you look at the majority of reviews instead of just a couple.

    Having said that, I've been to CSA 3 times in the last 10 years and have never had a problem with bugs. There was a really cute lizard on our balcony one year, but my wife and I thought it was part of the local color, not a problem.

    So what if I came to couples and found a serious bug problem (like dozens of bugs crawling all over)? I'd call housekeeping and insist it be handled immediately. My experience with couples is that it would be handled promptly. It if weren't, I probably wouldn't return... but we're headed back for our fourth visit to Couples (this time CN) next spring.

    Relax... it's likely that you'll have a great time!

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    Thank you all for your great responses. I feel re-assured that if we do encounter any bug issue that it will be resolved promptly by staff. I don't sweat the small stuff, ants...mosquitos (where i come from we are used to all kinds of flying insects)'s the big creepy crawlies that freak me out...I know it sounds crazy to some but I'm just really afraid of them crawling on me. I did wake up one time at the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort a few years ago and could see a dark shadow in the hall on my way to the bathroom....after turning on the light, saw it was a HUGE beetle type...Yuck....I threw something hard (book) on top and jumped on it to make sure it was dead and left it for DH as a good morning gift to clean up!!

    I'm not too worried as someone said, looking at TA...I've only ever seen one report talking about large bugs so I will put it in perspective and just try to get an upper room and hope we only see ants!

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    We went to CSA in January of 2009 and met a lovely couple. She DID NOT DO BUGS!! Plain and simple, didn't like them at all. On the second day of their vacation, one of those cute green mini lizards was prancing around their room. Screaming ensued and the usual hysteria. Her dear sweet husband assured her that he captured it and put it outside. End of problem, right?
    On their last day at CSA, we were having a drink with them on the beach, they were packed and dressed for the airport. I mentioned that we had had a visitor to our room the previous night (a relative of their mini lizard) and that my dear hubby had caught him using a glass and put him on the verandah. She proceeds to tell us about her visitor earlier in the week and how her hubby did the same. Her hubby cannot keep a straight face and confessed that he never did "catch up to the critter" and that it likely lived with them the entire week. You can imagine how this went over. The story we got was that the luggage was quarantined on arrival at their house and put in the backyard until "any critter would die of the cold!!"
    We vacationed with them again last year and presented her with a collection of rubber mini lizards in colours to match every dress for dinner!!! It was hysterical!!!!

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