I just read the now-closed poll regarding Randymon's question as to how the regs would feel if CSS were turned into a smoke-free resort. Have no idea how I missed this thread altogether, but oh well.

Unless I misread some of the responses, I learned - and much to my surpise to boot - that Couples allows smoking practically anywhere and everywhere thruout its properties. I already knew it allowed smoking, heck I've read and even opined on this subject in a number of others related topics. I guess I didn't realize that they don't have any non-smoking sections inside the restaurants.....or again, did I misunderstand?

Mind you, Rosa and I are non-smokers....but not anti-smokers, being we both use to partake in this now-very expensive habit. So we tend to be a bit empathetic towards those who do smoke. Generally speaking, as long as it's not blowing right in our faces, we tend to just ignore the situation, and if for whatever reason the smoke bothers still us, we'll just quietly move.

Maybe it's because we live in California, which contains the highest concentration of non-smokers than just about anywhere on the planet, we of course take it for granted that nowhere in this state can anyone smoke indoors in any public venue. Heck, even in Vegas, which I like to jokingly refer to as the smoking capital of America, all of their restaurants now must offer a non-smoking section. And their hotels must offer smoke free rooms as well. It's the law.

So while I would have voted against turning CSS into a completely non-smoking resort, I would have nonetheless requested that Couples should take the necessary steps and offer non-smoking areas at least in its restaurants, if it's not already doing so. That's a very fair compromise. I mean, after all this is 2009, not 1959. Jamaica, and Couples in particular, should get with the times.