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    Default Dress Code for Otaheite

    Is is ok for the guys to wear closed toe leather sandals? I don't want to pack anything extra if i don't have to and DH has a nice leather pair with a closed toe.....
    Thanks for your help...

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    They are fine & will satisfy the "dress code".
    28 more days until we are there!!!

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    According to Karen, the GM of Couples Negril - we sat with her recently at the repeater's dinner - men can now wear sandals of any kind as long as they're not FLIPFLOPS to any of the restaurants at Couples. According to her, the dress code for open toed footwear for men is fine in any of the restaurants!

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    That's great to hear! I don't want to bring a pair of dress shoes for him for one night of dining.....and his feet are size 13 so all his shoes take up a lot of room and add a lot of weight!!!! Good thing I am a size 5!! Balances it out!

    Can't wait to try it easy enough to get the romantic couch seating for two??

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    We've always had the seating for 2. Be flexible and show up early! If you're willing to concede on dinner hour and get there early to sign up, there shouldn't be an issue.

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    what do you mean by sign up early for Otaheite? I thought everyone had to have a reservation at a specific time? Are you saying the earlier the reservation, the better chance of getting the couch for 2?

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    Also if you eat late - we did both times when we dined there - the 8:45 seating, you can get the couches with no problem. It was nice.

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    Show up early in the morning to book your reservations. I think the desk opens at 9. Not saying you have to be there at 9:01, but checking in early means more open spots.

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