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    Default Gift of Couples for Christmas

    My husband and I have been to Couples a number of times.This year after our visit last March even though I was ready to book as soon we arrived home as the deals were outstanding we decided that perhaps we should take a year off from vacationing as we had weddings and new arrivals and we are trying to help our children as much as possible.In the last few weeks I could no longer look at the prospect of not going on a vacation this winter(from Canada)and most importantly not going to Couples.So last week I booked a trip to CSA in Feb.I am going to give this to hubby for Christmas.Does anybody have any ideas on how to present this as a gift? My travel agent is going to do a Couples package for me but I'm trying to think of what else I could include as a gift.

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    Default Gifts of a Trip

    In the past I have created a small book of all the things that build up to the final gift. ie. you and him headed to the car, then plane, the pictures of the beach etc.. just build it up and fianlly the room and date at Couples... would be the last page.

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    Hey You don't have to do anything else. Your gift is the ultimate perfect gift! But you include a bottle of rum or a six pack of Red Stripe beer.

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    Maybe wrap up a big box that has a few tiny gifts wrapped in it. I'm thinking sunblock, a pair of sunglasses, a beach towel, maybe a bottle of Red Stripe. Make the final gift the package from the travel agent. Have fun!

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    I did it one year for my husband's b'day. I wrote him a poem, it was cheesy as hell but he loved it and we had a great time laughing at my writing skills!

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    Thanks all for your suggestions.I just hope I can keep it a surprise.

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    You know those cheesy travel shirts that reads: my wife went to Jamaica and all I got was this t-shirt....Have a t shirt printed that reads: My wife went to the travel agent and I got a trip Couples for x-mas...or something like that...

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