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    Default First time in Jamaica

    In 49 days my husband and I will be at Couples Negril for the very first time! I am SOOOOOO excited and just can't wait! The weather in England is cold,damp and miserable and we are in much need of some warmth and sunshine. The count down has begun!!!!

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    Default to the " first timers"

    My wife and I recently spent our first time at CN the last week of october through November 3rd.
    No Matter how high you set your expectations, you will not be disapointed.
    The staff is great, the food and drinks are great and I have never spent a more relaxing trip in my life.
    Enjoy your trip...... Take lots of pictures and enjoy,enjoy,enjoy.
    Counting the days till we can return.

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    you must be getting there the same time we are! We are in Maine and are feeling the same way. Looking forward to celebrating our 25th in a nice warm and relaxing place!

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    You are in for such a treat. We'll be back in 58 days, and yes, we're counting down.

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    Warm and raining in Syracuse, NY area right now headed toward cold and snowy by Thursday. Happy Couple you're in for a great experience. 59 days for us!

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    See you 12/7/10.

    Soon come back.

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