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    Default CSA! CSA! Questions about Restaurants

    We've finally made our decision and CSA it is! The only disappointment is that we are arriving in MoBay at 6pm on a Saturday evening and will most likely miss lobster night.

    Has anyone had any trouble getting reservations at Feathers and Lemongrass during their stay? We are a group of 4 and we most likely won't be able to make reservations until the daytime on Sunday.

    Earlier this year we were at CN and loved the breakfast and lunch buffet at Cassava Terrace...particularly the fresh salad fixings that were available at lunchtime and the made to order salad station ...does CSA have a similar restaurant that offers a buffet for breakfast and lunch?

    On those nights when we don't have a reservation for dinner, how do the Palms and Patois Patio restaurants differ?

    What is the dessert selection like at the CSA restaurants? Are there any famous must-haves?

    Lastly, the yummy drinks! Does Lemongrass offer the Lychee martini? When you are on the beach at CSA, which bar is closest to get a drink? I do understand there's flag service and that worked out so well for us at CN!

    Thanks everyone!! CSA here we come!!

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    There are two bars on the beach (pretty centrally located). On either end there are also bars (one in the Palms and the other is the swim up bar). There are bars everywhere!!!! Sweet potato chips and dip and the snapper sandwich are must haves at Seagrapes (the restaurant on the beach). If they are still doing the dessert tower at Feathers, definitely get that. Get a beef or chicken pattie at the beach grill. You guys are gonna have a blast. If you haven't booked your flight yet, you should really consider trying to get in earlier. You miss a whole day and CSA is the best.

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    We don't land until 7:35pm when we arrive, by the time we get to CSA it will be super late so we will be hitting the cabana grill for some dinner!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    You will not have a problem getting reservations at Feathers or Lemongrass for a group of 4. You can make reservations up to 3 days in advance. Sometimes if you book last minute it might be hard to get your preferred time. In four trips to CSA, we've always been able to eat at Feathers twice during our stay and Lemongrass at least once.

    The Palms is the buffet restaurant at CSA. We both love their buffet options for breakfast and lunch. They keep the food fresh and there are just loads of options, including Jamaican specialties like ackee and saltfish.

    We love dinner at The Palms and Patois. Patois is ala carte, and has a Caribbean flair. They have made to order pizzas and yummy marlin dip. The Palms is also ala carte at dinner (except for International Night on Monday). However, there is always a pasta bar and a salad bar available at dinner at the Palms.

    The best dessert is the dessert tower at Feathers. WOW!

    The Martini bar is located upstairs near Lemongrass. They have a BOOK of martini options, including the Lychee martini. Yum!

    The two beach bars are located at opposite ends of the resort property. You can also access the swimup bar if you are waaay down at the south end of the beach. The beach bars are never more than a minute walk if you are on the beach. But the flag service is wonderful, too.

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    You can have Winston make you a lychee martini at the martini bar which is where we hang out before dinner. We ate at Patois three times during our ten day stay. We didn't have trouble getting reservations. You will have the Repeater's Dinner at Patois also. Even if you miss lobster night I would ask your waiter if there is any available when you order. They are super accomodating. My favorite things are banana stuffed french toast at Patois breakfast, fish tacos and just about everything at Seagrapes for lunch.

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    Default Lobster night at CSA

    Leaving 2 weeks from today! Staying from Sat to Thursday. Hoping lobster night is Sat so we don't miss it!

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    You won't have any trouble getting reservations, don't worry. In fact, I would be shocked if you were unable to book some as soon as you arrive. Last year we went to CTI and arrived at about 5pm. We got reservations for the gourmet restaurant for 7pm that very evening.
    One thing CSA has that no other Couples does is a la carte breakfast. The buffet is really good but do not miss Patois for Breakfast! They do banana stuffed french toast that is to die for! Is this your first trip to Couples? If so, rule number one is NEVER SKIP THE SOUP!!!!!

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    We just returned from a wonderful trip to CSA! I think that if you make it to the resort by 9:00 you should be able to catch Lobster Night at the Palms.

    This was our 7th time, and I can honestly say that we didn't have a bad meal at any of the restaurants. That being said, Feathers may have been our least favorite, which is weird, because we've always enjoyed that one the best! I don't recall that they still have the dessert tower there, but if you're really looking for awesome desserts, try the Palms at lunch. They have a dessert buffet up in the corner and the desserts are TO DIE FOR....!

    Also, be sure to try the creme brulee at Feathers and the soups anywhere! Pizzas at Patois are flatbread and quite nice.

    Breakfast at the Palms always offers Jamaican specialties - try the Ackee and Saltfish and definitely the fresh papaya!! We found that breakfast at Patois is good, but LOOOONG, so if you're looking to hit the beach early, you may want to get there at 8:00 opening!

    We've never been fans of dinner at the Palms, but we had dinner there twice, and were very pleasantly surprised both times!! Food off of the menu there was great, and there's always the pasta bar (they were making a fresh garlic, tomato and basil sauce one night that smelled GREAT)!

    Bottom line is I don't think you can go wrong regardless of where you eat at CSA!


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    If I came in that late, I would stay at a cheaper place in MB and then take in the nightlife/dinner at MB. Then head over CSA in the morning.

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    Yes, that's what we did last year. We stayed in MB overnight then caught a cab back to airport and left on the first Couples Van to CSA. Much less money and then we had the whole day at CSA!

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    Default Lobster night

    I dont think you;'ll miss lobster night. You might have to race to the Palms Restaurant when you arrive, but I think they serv it til 10:30pm.

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