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    Default Mysterious Credit Card Charge

    I just booked a trip through Couples to CN for March. I booked directly through Couples web sight. I had a charge on my Visa statement for $5.88 that I didn't understand. I called and they told me that was the charge for converting a foreign currency (Ja). It was about 1% of the deposit. I hate the see the charge if I was to pay the rest of the bill with that card. Anyone else have this issue and how did you get around it.


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    I know that my credit card company itself charges 2.5% foreign currency conversion on top of whatever the bill is. I am from canada and have to convert canadian to US for charges for the vacation

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    I don't think there is a way around it. Every time we go and use our credit card we are charged an international fee. We book our trip through a travel agency though so I am not sure if there is an international fee included. I am assuming there is.

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    Can't get around it. Most CC companies now charge this fee. It's not Couples, it's your bank. They even charge it on debit cards. The only way around it is to use American Express or a card that doesn't charge that fee. (I have been told that Capital One doesn't charge it, but can't speak from experience.)

    Good luck.

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    Hubby travels internationally and uses Capital One - they don't charge a fee.

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    This charge is the reason that I always charge my trips on American Express. They have a provision with my gold card that for purchases like a vacation to Couples the bill can be paid in installments instead of all at one time. This makes it just like any other card like Visa or Mastercard but you do not have the currency fee.

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    We got a Capital One card specifically for this reason. Just used it to pay off trip and there was no foreign transaction fee charged.

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    We have USAA & always get credited, even for ATM fees

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    There is the option to send a check for your final payment instead of charging it to your card. Call the 800# and they can tell you how to do this.
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    I don't have a Capitol One or AMEX card and I have never had to pay an international fee. They did however tell me that when we actually go to Jamaica & purchase items, that we may be charged a fee then. We haven't had to pay a fee for the deposit or payments on the Love Away Plan.

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    We have a credit union card and last year we were not charged either with the reservation or charges in jamaica. This year we did get hit with it, though it wasn't much. I had talked to our credit union last year and they said it was a common charge and were surprised we did not get hit with it last year.

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    Ever since Couples changed from Miami to MBJ banking, we've had to pay the foreign transaction fees. USAA fee is 1% & yes others vary.

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    If you book through a US travel agent or online booking engine there is no fee.

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    We too are going to have to look for alternatives for future bookings as we are having a 3% conversion fee each time. When we have stayed at other resorts in Jamaica the charge was process through their Florida office, thus no fee. Since Couples has a Florida office, it would be helpful if they would process there, which should not be a problem with on-line processing.

    We have always booked directly with Couples, but it sounds like we could avoid the conversion charge by going through a travel agent. That may be the answer. Glad this issue has been brought up as we have not been happy with the additional 3% charge.

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    This year was the 1st time we have been charged the International fee through our banks. We did book and pay through a US travel agent and the fee still applies since they will be sending the payment through to Jamaica. Depends on the bank as to how much they will charge but it's not bad. We paid about $12.

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    Like, some others here, we just got a Capital One card specifically because they do NOT charge an international fee. Our old card was going from 1%, which I could handle, to 3%. Ridiculous.

    Now, I have a problem with trying to get Couples to change my Love-A-Way plan to the new card. I have sent 3 emails, 1 to reservations and 2 to Faye Pennicooke and no answer as yet. I supposed I will have to call them next. What would they do if I close the old card and the charges wouldn't go through? I really wish they would read their e-mails! Randy, Shawn? Any suggestions?

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    Hi rae_Dave,
    If you cancel your current (old) card, then when they go to process and it does not go through, suspect they will contact you for an update. That is not unusual, mostly with new expiration dates. You may want to contact Nicki at ext 1409 (I think). Certainly I would think they would prefer making the change now rather than having to contact you for an update.

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    I did call and Wendy changed the info for me.

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    We must be lucky. We bank exclusively with Chase. We've never had a transaction fee for a deposit, Love Away payment, or final payment. Nor have we ever had one for purchases in Jamaica that were made in American dollars. We didn't even get charged anything other than the $3 or $5 ATM fee when we withdrew cash this year.

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    Rae-dave I've changed credit cards on my love away twice now, once because of the transaction fee and once to change to change to a different rewards card. Just call the couples 800 number, no problem. My Chase cards do not charge the fee on my Love Away payments, but said they would on purchases made in Jamaica.

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    Default hhmm

    I must say that I have never seen a charge like that on any of our cards.

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