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    Good day....My partner and I will be traveling to Jamaica in January. Overwhelmed on what resort to book. Couples Tower Isle
    or Couples Negril Couples Sans Souci Any one with input thanking you in advance.

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    We have been to all three you mentioned. CN is our home away from home. CTI has a hotel feel to it just by the way its set up. The resort is beautiful though. CSS is amazing but be prepared to walk ALOT of stairs. CSS and CTI both have smaller beaches and are a little more rocky but they are private. If your looking for the white sand huge beach head to CN but the beaches are shared by all the resorts. Read the board, everyone has their favorite resort the one thing you'll find is everyone loves Couples.

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    Of the three you mention our favorite is CTI. We have 5 trips to CTI, 2 to CSS and 1 to CN. Next year we are doing CTI and CSA, so we will have tried all of them.

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    Good day. It all depends on what you're looking for in a resort. We've stayed at CSS (x2), CTI (x1) and CSA (x1) but visited CN and will be returning there next year. If you like large beaches with white sand and gorgeous sunsets then, of the 3 you've mentioned, CN would be your best bet. CN is on a public beach so there's lots of room to walk while CSS and CTI have smaller, but private beaches. CSS is built on cliffs and so is, IMHO, the most romantic with places to adventure in a tropical jungle setting. As mentioned by "hawkgroup" it does have many stairs to climb...but they're not too bad. The sunsets at SSB aren't as great as in Negril but are much better than you'll find at CTI. CTI does have a hotel feel but this can be good as everything is more centrally located. You'll find that the service and food at each is excellent. No matter which property you choose to stay at you can be assured your stay at Couples will be memorable!

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