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Thread: Lobster at CSA

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    Default Lobster at CSA

    Curious to hear repeaters opinions on their favourite restaurant at CSA to eat lobster?

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    When we were at CSA in March we had lobster at the Palms at 6:30 and then went to Patois and had it again at 8 pm. We've had it before at Feathers.

    I believe that Feathers and Lemongrass put a sauce over the top. The Palms and Patois grill it.

    We enjoy either way.

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    We had lobster at Patois Patio this past January. They did a lovely job and my husband got his surf and turf. We've also eaten the lobster at the Palms. I remember a broiled tail with butter. Nothing fancy. It was still very good.

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    No lobster for us. We are June visitors and lobster has always been out of season when we are at CSA.

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    Had it on 11/13 at Palms, 11/20 at Patois, and I thought thought I liked Patois better.

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    Lemongrass was off the charts good on lobster night.

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    My mouth is watering in anticipation! Thanks for your thoughts.

    Karen & Paul

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    When is lobster season at CSA/CN? I noticed that it's only on the menu for Saturdays but we are only going to be there during the week. Is it available through-out the week also?

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    Cool, just saw on their menu at CSA that lobster season is July 1 - March 31, we're arriving July 10th, hope there's lobster every night!

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