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    Default Found Our Second Home

    So we just returned from CN on sunday and i have to say... this place blew us away!!!! ... It well exceeded our expectations. the level of hospitality is incredible. We are already planning our next trip and can't WAIT. CN will be our second home, and it has pretty much ruined us from going anywhere else, which is fine by us. I have never before felt so sad to leave a place! but i know we will be back.

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    Glad to hear you had such a fantastic vacation! We are looking forward to hitting the beach at CN on Jan 15th!! I'm afraid of having too high of an expectation for this place though because of all of the great reviews. Realistically I know no place is perfect but this place sounds pretty close.... Just hoping to get a good room with no odour...(my nose is crazy sensitive)...

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    Our first trip to CN was in Dec. 1998...for their Grand opening! It was beautiful then, but we didn't get back until last Feb. when we visited for a day while staying at CSA. We were so happy to see that it has held up better than we have! LOL! Thanks for your post. So glad you had such a wonderful time!

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    And the second trip will be more exciting than the first. We were there last week too....not sure if we met you or not, but this was our second trip and as hard as it is to believe, it was even better than the first.

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