After the long flights to get to Montego Bay the 2 hour trip to CTI did seem intimidating but went by so quickly I couldn't believe it. Check in was quick and painless we did get the cool cloth (it smelled a little funny) must have missed the refreshment though, No Matter.

Apparently CTI was overbooked for our fist night so we were upgraded to a Garden Junior Suite instead of a deluxe ocean view. This was fine by us as we had two balconies and a jacuzzi tub too. I agree that the lizards and insects are loud even with the doors closed but there's not much we can do about mother nature. The second day we were called by Jamie-Ann ( What an amazing personality always smiling and happy) to move into our Ocean View room....What a view!! waking up to that every morning put a huge smile on my face .

We had a lot to do while on our vacation so we did not get to relax as much as we wanted to but the friendly service and staff made our small amount of relaxation time seem forever. Drinks are poured a litttle too strong for my liking but most people wouldn't complain lol. The staff as everyone says are AMAZING I'm horrible with names so I'm sorry if I miss anyone but Taneisha, Gary, Andre, Jahmar, Paul, Romaine, Erica....are just a few of the many people who made our stay wonderful. Food was absolutely great, I don't even have words for the food and service (Erica) at Bayside soooo happy. Eight Rivers had quick service but the food was only so so. Buffet was amazing and if your missing the good old hot dog and fries the pool grill is the perfect spot. I love the grounds at CTI lots of paths and places to walk so many picture perfect sites. We ventured onto the tower isle itself with a little coaxing, I was quite nervous at first, my suggestion is get a quick few drinks into you and you'll feel much more relaxed about the whole situation lol. Spent a few hours met quite a few extremely interesting people. Shout out to Jake and April from Jay N Kay!! Overall I would rate my experience as a 5 out of 5 for sure. From the moment we set foot on CTI to the very moment we left, We felt like VIP's. It was humbling in a way to be treated so well by everybody around us. We had one small complaint (if it can even be considered a complaint) and that was the first night we arrived the resort had Appleton 12 year on the shelf, we were soo happy as this is our drink in Canada. After that first night though someone must have come and drank it all because we weren't able to get any better than the 5 year Appleton after that. We were a little let down but didn't let it affect the aura of our stay.