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    I know it is an all inclusive resort, and I understand that we are getting married and need to pay for a photographer, but how much else is there that cost? How much money did you guys bring? My financee says he doesn't want to be limited.. So how much on average did you guys spend and what is there to do that cost? What is free?

    We are going to CSS


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    We usually bring $400 and don't come close to spending it. It would depend on how many things you buy to take home. There are things in the gift shop you might want or things from the vendors on the beach. We tip the spa workers, bag handlers, and the shuttle drivers. We also bring extra for jet skiing. If you golf you have to pay the caddy etc. You will probably need money for a quick bite to eat at the airport on the way home. The only other thing I can think of would be excursions from the resort.

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