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    Default You guys are the only ones who understand!

    1st let me start by saying, I caught a great sale and just booked Couples Tower Isle (CTI) April 16th to the 23rd (2nd visit...went xmas 2009 for the 1st time at any Couples). If Couples does not go on sale, I cannot afford to go, so just my luck!

    People just don't understand how exciting it is to know you are going to an awesome Couples resort. I have been to many: Secrets Capri, Breezes Bahamas, Riu Ocho Rios, Gran Bahia, Grand Palladium, Royal Decameron, and I'm going to Riu Caribe this Xmas break (health and god willing). Though I deeply value, "being able to take a vacation anywhere," no resort makes me feel like a Couples. My boyfriend is estatic too (so at least I can bring it up to him anytime)! They know how to spoil me rotten and relax me while I take, what I feel, is a well deserved mini break from my fast paced job!

    On Thankgsgiving, I was telling my family/friends how many days I have left, and my sister said, "wow you really are excited about your vacation!" You don't want to brag because that is not exactly how you feel, just excited! So you don't bring it up again! What I really wanted was to have a conversation about Couples at that moment!

    When you post a vacation counter on your computer, start packing or at least get the suitcase out, most people don't understand why. I'm on this website or trip advisor many times weekly looking at old post, including mine. People who are going on vacations always say, "you are so excited!" Why aren't they?...I love the message board because it lets me know I'm sane...

    Is there anything that you do before your trip or after you book that just doesn't seem normal but you don't care?

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    Oh I hear you!

    I visit this MB daily and hate when it hasn't been updated. I don't post a ton, but I read everything!
    I search Tripadvisor for anything "Coupes" when this board is slow to update. I look at recent reviews and photos there too.
    I look at the activities listing on the Couples site to get a better idea of all that we might do. I study the restuarants and the menus and try to think about how we can visit them all.
    I have a desktop counter on my computer at home. I also have pictures scrolling by. Sometimes it's CSA, but lately it's what I gathered from the internet for the resorts we haven't been to (CTI and CSS).
    Often I just pause and stare, and see myself there. I do that quite a bit actually. Looking at photos helps with the visualization. Oh, and Google maps and the webite maps. I love the panoramic ones on the Couples website. I've seen them all many times but will still pull them up again and again.
    Surely my husband thinks I am mad... or he would if he even knew just how obsessed I am. lol.
    Don't get me wrong, it's not a need to plan out every moment of our upcoming days at CTI and CSS. It's just about living it as much as I can before we even get there. It helps prolong the excitement and enjoyment.

    Afterwards I love looking back at my photos and sharing them with anyone who will look at them. I'll talk endless to anyone who will listen. Is that why people run away? LOL

    I've got it BAAAADDD!!!

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    Oh my!!!! Jamaicamecrazy u described me to a tee. First trip in 5 days and 12 hours and I feel like I've been there because of this message board and Google. I'm so excited that everyone including my husband thinks I'm crazy. I don't care!!!!!

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    Hello, my name is Vicki and I am a coupleholic. It has been six months since my last trip, and I have six month untill we can go again. LOL

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    I just read this to my husband and he said, "Are you sure you didn't write that honey?"

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    Hi, my name is Marnie and i too am a Couplesholic.
    I have been in withdrawal for the past 6 days with the message board down and really hope that Sean is ok. The 2 above posts describe me to a tee. I have shortcuts to the board and Tripadvisor on my Blackberry. I fequent every message board I can find to sing the praises of Couples and defend when necessary too! I even reply to people that post reviews, welcoming them to the Couples family! It is undoubtedly a sickness but one that I welcome! Yes, my husband thinks I am nuts but I don't care either!
    42 more sleeps to CSA!!!!!

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    Hey lanellboo.............
    Quote Originally Posted by lanellboo View Post
    People just don't understand how exciting it is to know you are going to an awesome Couples resort.

    This is why you often hear the phrase, "Once you go, you know!", posted on this board.

    Is there anything that you do before your trip or after you book that just doesn't seem normal but you don't care?
    Will you please define "normal" for us........everything I do is normal, at least in my mind it is.........but in the spirit of what you are talking about, here goes.
    (1) I book our trip for June around March or April, well our June2011 was booked in March 2010 and our June 2012 trip will be booked about three months before we leave for our 2011 trip. Some think this is crazy, but it makes it easier to end our trip each year knowing that the next trip is already booked.
    (2) The only thing that can be played on Sirius Radio each night at dinner is one of the Reggae channels.

    While some may think these things are a bit strange, they seem perfectly normal to me............

    One Love,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    We were home two days from CN this November and the brochures were already out. Is this a problem?

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    Coupleholic -- LOVE THAT!

    We are also addicted. People say -- how you keep going back to the same place over & over? I tell them thy just need to go to Couples for themselves so they will understand.

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    A Coupleholic is what I've become. Hubby and I honeymooned at COR back in 1984 - after doing the family vacations for many years we treated ourselves for our 25th anniversary to CTI. Well it was so much better than either of us remembered or imagined it to be. I had vast knowledge prior to arriving from being addicted to the message boards as well as TA's reviews, forums, etc.

    This past summer we decided we'd like to try Negril and have our son experience Jamaica. Unfortunately we couldn't stay at Couples so we tried that "R" resort next door to CN. Yes it was Jamaica and I now love the Negril beaches but as we all know only Couples can do what they do!

    So for 2011 we're planning on CSA for my 50th Birthday and since all we do is brag about what a great resort Couples is - we now have another couple coming with us.... I've also had many ask why not try another island. But as the saying goes "Once You Go You Know!"

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    Thank u lanellboo for those words!!! I can not wait until I can feel the same way. I have also been on many vacations to many places but, this will be my first trip to Couples and my husband's first trip out of the US. We will @ CTI 09/2011 for our 10 yr. anniversary. I love to b pampered and spoiled. I can't wait to go so then I will know.

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    Hi, my name is Steve and I'm a Couplesaholic! Tomorrow is my birthday and I've been waiting too long to start my 365 day countdown to our next Couples trip. What an awesome way to celebrate getting another year older, being pampered by the wonderful staff at CSA! We're looking forward to another wonderful Repeaters Dinner and cocktail party like in our picture. You know, my day doesn't feel complete unless I've scratched my itch by checked this board for something that interests me. Long live Couples and everyone, please KEEP POSTING!
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    Hi may name is Liz and I am a couple-aholic, luckily for me my husband is too! we ]are just so excited about our 9th trip (to CTI...)"I couldn't agree more - once you go, you know" Is checking out the tattoo thread normal behaviour??? [/COLOR]trip booked (22 Jan 11) packing list on file, trip counter on PC homepage (in weeks, days, hours and seconds) Am nearly ready.....

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    As they say....Once you KNOW! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!

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    Happy birthday!!!

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    A warm thank you for all of your responses. They are funny and heartfelt. I feel much better! I am wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday to come and yes I agree that "Once you go, you know" and yes I am a coupleholic!....Glenda (lanellboo)

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    Oh I know. Our original date was Dec 2 of 2011, and due to some situations, we had to bump it way up to Jan 3 2011. So the whole year of thinking about it and counting down is gone. Last year when we went to Couples Negril I updated my facebook page everyday on how many hours it was until we left. I truly annoyed some people. This year we do not get to bring our good friends, we are traveling just us, but hope to meet some new people. Never been to the Tower Isle. We were in ocho rios in 2008 at a different resort. We are hooked, sold and never going back to that brand. Thanks everyone!!

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