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    Default Packing list

    Hi! So...30 days until this newbie and her husband join our best friends for our first trip to CN!!! Our first trip to Jamaica at all!! We are so excited...reading these message boards is addicting!

    Do any of you Couples veterans have an electronic version of a packing list you use for your trips? Trying to make sure I am not overlooking anything, and tips from people who have been there on what to be sure to pack would be very welcome. If you have an electronic version, I would love to receive it via email! Let me know and I can flip you my email address.

    Yah mon!

    Hawk Girl

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    I would also be interested in a packing list...going to CN Jan 15/11.....Who hooo!! Cheers to to the lucky going to any of the Couples Resorts!!

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    Default my packing list

    Here's my list. Be sure to take essentials in your carry on in case your luggage is delayed. Bathing suit, sandals especially.

    Extra contacts
    Shorts & tank to sleep in
    Back pack / ditty bag
    Bathing suits
    Beach basket
    Beach cover-ups
    Body wash & scrungie
    Books for beach
    Bug spray
    Camera battery charger
    Casual tops
    Contact lens juice
    Dress for dinner
    Dressy tops for night
    Energy shots
    Face creams
    Facial soap
    Fun PJs
    Hats or visor
    Jog bras (2)
    Magic bun holder
    MP3 cord to charge
    Nail clippers
    Olay shower lotion
    Running shorts (1)
    Running socks (2)
    Shampoo & conditioner
    Shoes (few)
    Sun block--all numbers
    Tank top for running
    Airline itinerary and forms
    Airport liquor bottles
    Baby powder
    Cell phone
    Contact case
    Crossword puzzle
    Digital camera
    Eye drops
    Germ wipes
    Hair brush
    Hair pick
    Lip balm with SPF
    MP3 player
    Phone numbers
    Pony Os
    Reading for plane
    Rx glasses
    Shower cap
    Small bills and cash
    Snacks for plane
    Tissues - travel pack
    Outfit for the plane
    Blanket for car
    Boots for car
    Belt - M
    Dressy shoes - M
    Razor - M
    Bag for VT clothes - leave in car
    Small evening bag

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    attached is ours, and remember u are going to be in mostly ur swim suits and cover ups, then dinner clothes. i always pack way too many shorts tanks ect
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    We are going for the 6th time and each time we take less and still always come home with stuff unworn. Obviously, some of what you need depends on the weather. If you're there in the rainy season, you'll wear more clothing than if it's sunny all day and you're mostly in bathing suits. The first time, we lugged large suitcases; now, we take only a carry-on bag and are fine. We buy suntan lotion at CN and just chalk up the extra expense to a cost of the vacation.

    My recommendation -- don't overpack. You can buy almost anything you need at the sundry shop. Yeah, it's more $$ than in the US, but it is really worth it to pack 3 bottles of suntan lotion to save $6? Do you want to bring band-aids on the off chance you'll need them or wait and see if you do and buy some? Up to you.

    Obviously, if you're getting married, you'll need a lot more stuff. But if you're merely going for the sun and fun, you need a lot less than you think. You CAN wear a dress or slacks to dinner more than one night -- whether you want to is up to you.

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    I have a generic packing list and then I delete stuff that I know I won't need at couples -- i.e. Alarm clock.

    Here's mine.
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    Great lists!! What are "hangover pills"???

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    Hey mention a bag for VT clothes - do you fly out of Burlington? We leave from BTV on New Years Eve and connect through Phily, heading to CN. Any tips for flying from Burlington?

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    We are heading to CSA from Vermont in the middle of January. We actually leave from Hartford as we are in Southern Vermont, but I have also been trying to figure out what to do with my winter clothes coming and going. I don't want to take my warm coat to the island, but I also don't want to freeze to and from the airport. To make things more complicated, we are doing Park, Sleep, Fly... so I still have to get from our Hartford hotel to the airport.

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    Tip for flying out of the Northern states/Canada between November and April: pack your patience, extra time to get to the airport and a good snowbrush while remembering that you are heading to warmth, relaxation and a Couples resort!

    Here is my list in a word doc and I have a carry-on list in addition to the checked luggage. I agree that the goal should be to NOT overpack, but I still haven't managed that one yet. This year, only black shoes, no brown in an effort to cut back the luggage weight...
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    I have always taken too many shoes. Now I have it down to a science. I always bring:

    A pair of topsiders that works for beach (they're sailing shoes after all) as well as for meals other than Otaheite (they look bad with a sundress).

    A pair of neutral-colored/bronze/gold sandals for Otaheite or other dinners where I want to dress up a bit. They may not match every outfit perfectly but don't look terrible with any. And, the last time I checked, no lone was conducting inspection.

    Optional shoes:

    A pair of flip/flop style beach shoes -- small, flat, lightweight.

    And, if I feel like I'm going to work out, I wear my "sneakers" on the plane.

    Obviously, if you plan to do hiking or golf excursions or be in a wedding, the above won't work for you. And, if this is your big opportunity to "dress up" in a way you can't/don't do at home, you may want a pair of shoes for every outfit. But, in the long run, I've realized that no one is checking out my shoes. And, lugging a pair to/from Jamaica to wear one night isn't worth it.

    My husband, BTW, brings 2-3 pairs: "sneakers," (worn on plane), Topsiders, and (optional) beach shoes.

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    Pack your patience - what a good tip!

    We live across the lake in NY (Plattsburgh) so we're spending a few hours at a hotel the night/early morning before we fly out. It actually ends up being cheaper to rent a room and leave our car there as opposed to paying $12/day to park. I figure I'll wear a heavy sweatshirt that I can peel off once we hit tropical temperatures and suck it up in the airport shuttle and while the car is warming up!

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    Flying out of BVT is great. It is such a small airport; very easy travelling out of Burlington. We always have an early flight and arrive about 1 1/2 hours before but are never in a crush. Enjoy!

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    Default leaving winter behind

    I bring heavy winter boots, a parka and a blanket and leave them in the car at the airport. We park in the garage so it's easy to get to the car even if there is snow on the ground. I bring my gloves to JA and a raincoat and put those on if I need something to wear out to the car.

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    Hangover pills are these nifty things called "Chasers" not sure exactly what they have in them, but you take them while you are drinking in the evening with a glass of water. They really DO work. (it may just be the water, however).

    I also used to buy something by Alka Seltzer that's now called "morning relief" that has aspirin and caffeine. That's in case you forget the Chasers. It really does work, too.
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    Underwater cameras 2-3
    Hydrocortisone cream
    Flashlight (not really needed)
    Tealights (they have candles there)
    Bugspray (home and body) we used 3 bottles of OFF
    Coozies (for beer cans on the beach that get warm really quick)
    Snorkel gear
    5 HOUR ENERGY (works wonders for a hangover)

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    Default 1 day!!!

    I never forget my Jamaican journal!!! It was the first thing i grabbed for our trip in one day!!
    Keep adding to it all the special people we meet, and all the wonderful experiences we have.
    It brings back great memories beyond the pics.

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