In 2004 my wife and I had a wonderful experience at CN and got married at the time. Everything about that trip seemed perfect. So perfect, that we went back a 2nd time exactly 1 year later. While the trip was good, it didn't seem quite as good as expected. Service seemed "off" a bit from the standard we received the year before. We agreed that it might have been in part because we had set unrealistic expectations.

So fast forward to 2007. We decide to go away again,(of course Jamaica), and decide that all of the hype surrounding CSS is worth checking out. We book our trip in late August and eagerly anticipate our trip. A couple of weeks later a severe hurricane damages the mineral pool. It is promised that it will be back in action long before we arrive. It wasn't, and it was far from even 1/2 way complete. This pool was a major reason we chose this resort.

So the date of our travel finally arrives. We had booked an extra couple of days to really relax. Our Air Canada flight is actually on time. I suffer from minimal car sickness on the way out to Ocho Rios. All things look favourable. We get to the resort, and it starts to rain. We check in, only to find out that our room we had booked is not available, and they've upgraded us to one of the older rooms. We reluctantly agree to come back and see the lobby staff the next day and get our room changed to what we had ordered. We get our requested room the next day, but I notice that it seems damp. I figure it just needs a day of AC to dry it out. It never dries out, and we come home with clothes that smell damp. We don't complain because we already kicked up a fuss about the original room.

To top it off, the constant daily torrential cold rains (1 day out of 10 it didn't rain). the constant lack of dry beach towels, the construction, all made for a somewhat miserable experience. To top it off, some of the staff were down right rude, and I'm sorry, but being Canadian doesn't mean we want to smoke weed.

That said, 2 years later and we want to go back to Jamaica for our 5 year anniversary. We're playing with the idea of CSA. Our concern is that we were perhaps expecting too much from CSS? Are we jaded in part because of a seemingly few negative aspects and a weather tainted experience? Can anyone comment from a similar experience, but went back anyway and were positively surprised?

Please let us know that we'll make the right decision to book at CSA.