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    We've been at CSA since 11/19 and so far the weather has been GREAT! Overcast one morning (until 10:00) and one afternoon (while we were at the Sports Bar watching "the game"). Otherwise, sunny and warm with a nice breeze at all times - never feel too hot or too cold....Food is fabulous (a little TOO good)! People are their same wonderful selves. Staying in an Atrium (a first for us) and really liking it....the remodel has made this room really first class, and we're loving the hammock!! Even though we have one at home, a hammock in Jamaica is just soo much different from a hammock in MA! Oh yes, and there's now Wifi in the room - a great addition!! The beach near the old side especially is quite a bit more shallow than we remember in past years - the beach on the new side is a bit larger. It looks like they're continuing to work on the beach on a regular basis, so I'm sure with Mother Nature's help all will be well soon....we haven't managed to do anything but sit around all day (and use the gym), so can't report on any of the activities, but people all seem to be getting what they need - haven't seen any unhappy faces!

    For anyone due to arrive at CSA shortly or in the future, you're in for the time of your lives!!

    Signing out....

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    Thanks so much for your post!! It's very exciting to hear about the great time you're having LIVE at CSA. We're heading there for the very first time in 103 days, will be celebrating our 1st anniversary (married at CN!) and can't wait!

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    Thank you so much for your post Gonegril. The hubby, another couple and I will be there with Christmas bells on, 12/12, and can't wait!!

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    Oh day was going to be hard enough without your post. I have to suffer through 3 more days at work just dreaming about CSA. We'll be at CSA on Friday at about 1!!!! YAY. I can't wait. I can can already taste the first hummingbird.

    Thanks for the update on the wi-fi. That's going to be new for us this year. By any chance can you get wi-fi on the beach?

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    We'll be there Thurs. afternoon, can't wait. Looking forward to but a bit nervous about walking the half marathon on Sat. Wish us luck!

    Kevin & Angie

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    We will be there in 10 days. Getting excited! Packed and ready to go! Hope the weather holds out so that we can get to the airport. It's our first time there, and by the sounds of it i'm sure we'll have a good time. Celebrating my birthday, so i'm sure it will be fun!

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