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    Default Best time to vacation at Couples

    What is the best time to vacation at Couples Negril. We are looking sometime between May and October 2011. Will lobster be in season during this time? Are there any special rates for this time of year?

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    Any time is good, but keep in mind - hurricane season is June-October.
    Been there in July - hot (day & night), August (same), September (same).
    Cheaper then because it is out of season.

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    I'd recommend going closer to May than October. Our first trip to CSA was in April, and this year we were at CN in October. The weather in April was much less humid and I don't remember any real rain. In October it was incredibly humid and we had a couple days with some heavy rain for an hour or two. We got home and changed our booking at CSS for next year from August to May because of that. Lobster won't be in season then, which is unfortunate, but the milder weather was a better trade for me.

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    The Fall time frame is less expensive than other times. I can't remember the exact dates, but I think the Fall is considered July - December 15th. This is hurricane season (July 1 - November 30) so you run a risk of a hurricane or just really rainy weather. The closer to the beginning of the season the better.

    April 1 - June 30 is mating season for lobster and so lobster is unavailable.

    June - September are really hot and humid months. If you are from the South, you might not mind the humidity as much.

    If you want lobster and don't mind the possibility of a hurricane, with your dates I would suggest early October. But if you can live without lobster, I would go in May and the earlier in the month the better.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    October is THE rainiest month for Jamaica. I'd pick May, June or July.

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    I would have to say the best time by far is between Jan 1st and Dec 31st... I am sure everyone else will agree!!

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    We went for Christmas last year and loved it! So here we come again this year. We've also travelled to Couples in April, really great then too. I agree with other posters who have pointed out the hurricane season. We got delayed 2 days from Toronto one year because of hurricane Gustav. We missed out on those 2 days, very sad. If you don't mind chancing that then anytime is a good time. We scuba dive and would rather go when the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be good.

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    Depends on what's more important to you -- schedule or cost. The "off season" (summer and fall) is the cheapest time to go. However, as others have noted above, it can be very hot and humid and/or rainy. And there is hurricane season that can have zero impact or a huge impact on your stay and on your ability to get there and get home.

    December through April are great times to go b/c it's cold in most of the US but it's perfect in Jamaica. However, it's obviously more expensive and those dates may not work as well with your schedule as the summer months.

    I'm not sure there is any bad time . . . the question is what's the best time for you.

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    We go in late Dec/early Jan. We find that to be a great time weather-wise, as it's the driest time and also not as hot and humid. Plus we like to have an escape from the cold, wet winter to look forward to.

    But, if the May-Oct time frame is your only option, I think I'd pick June. As was mentioned, you have hurricane season in there from July 1 - Nov. 30. That doesn't mean you'll get one, but you could get storms with wind and heavy rain... or you can have great weather. I'd be nervous of May because our wedding coordinator told us most couples book their weddings in May, but it's the rainiest month. That coming from a Jamaican. She should know. Also, according to All Jamacia dot com (Google "Jamaica climate") it's the second rainiest month only to Oct.

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    The best time to go is when you can. I have both Negril and Orcho Rios as locations on my iphone weather app. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont check the weather is like back home.

    ultimately what is important to you. Peak periods are that for a reason. There are offseason deals that you might want to consider, we do and have, I'd rather get 7 off season days then 5 peak season days. if it rains it rains, its an excuse for a little TLC.

    Over the years we have traveled 8 times to couples,twice in late June, once in Aug, once in Sept and 4 x Dec. ( I enjoy celebrating my birthday in Dec). Heading down for another December trip in 7 days.And if things hold together will travel next June again.....

    Anytime is good to go home.

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    "The best time in Jamaica is the next time you are there". Wow! Sounds like a line from a song doesn't it...

    Google: Going To Jamaica by Joe D. Taylor

    "Just Me"... Joe D.

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