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    Default Took the plunge and going to CTI!!!

    WOO HOO!
    Saw the e-mail offering up to 50% off rates for advance booking, with a little (VERY little) begging, the wife OK'ed making reservations! We'll be going next November to CTI, Deluxe Ocean room!

    Already starting to plan everything, getting passports, etc. Looking at some of the included excursions, right now we're just planning to loaf around the resort, rather than pack our days with excursions and things to do. I think about the only thing we might plan, will be a couples massage, and maybe a snorkel trip.

    YAY us!!!

    So, CTI in November, empty, crowded, so-so?

    Jason & Kathy

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    Don't know about how crowded it is in November, but I will tell you this....... I have been in that resort when it was less than 30% full and I have been there when there was over 85% occupancy. Everytime we are there, the staff acts as if we are the only couple on the property. You and the wife need to prepare for waht it is like to be treated like royalty. Congrats!!! y'all are in for the time of your life.

    One Love,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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