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    Default Need info on CN; been to CSA

    We have been to CSA every January for 4 years and were hoping to return in late January. But we waited too long and the room categories we want are all sold out. We're VERY disappointed and kicking ourselves for not reserving earlier. We wanted a BVS and would take an OVS but there are none available on the week we can go (husband's work schedule doesn't allow for much flexibility).

    So we're going to try CN this time. We did the Trading Places program one year and are somewhat familiar with CN.

    We LOVE the BVS at CSA and need advice on what room category to choose at CN. We've almost always managed to get a ground-floor, end-unit room at CSA and like the fact that we have a window and we don't have to deal with stairs (our knees and hips aren't what they used to be). We like to be as close to the beach as possible.

    We like a fully-stocked mini-bar, refrigerator, coffee maker and TV. Do all room categories have these?

    I'm went to the "Maps and Panoramic Views" on the website but it looks like only 1/2 of the property shows up. Can anyone confirm this?

    I see there's a piano bar; is there a CN version of Ultimate Chocolate?

    Restaurants: Is Otaheite comparable to Feathers in style and dress? And is Cassava comparable to the Palms? Any other "comparable" information would be highly appreciated!

    Oh, and so that we don't sound like complete idiots, can someone please tell me how to pronounce "Otaheite"????

    Thanks for your guidance. Looking forward to coming home to whichever Couples resort we end up in!

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    Hi Liz_and Dennis,
    Sorry to see no one has been able to reply. We always get a gardenview deluxe at CN.
    To be closest to beach get building 1, 5 or 6. If walking is an issue, then I suggest building 1 or 6 as they are central to lobby, all restauarants and main pool.

    All rooms have the mini bar, fridge, TV and coffee maker.

    If you want to spend the money the suites are on the ends and you pretty much walk out to beach. No room however is truly ocean view as the buildings angle away from the bay.
    While Couples policy seems to be no guarantee of a room #, they have always done their best accommodating me when arriving at the front desk. I am sure they will at least get you a ground floor.

    Pronounce Oteheite any way you like, no worries mon, but I call it Owe- da- height.

    this restaurants has the dress code is fine dining and requires reservations.

    there is a piano bar with different theme nights, but not sure about Ultimate Chocolate that seems to be unique to CSA..
    Have fun CN is magical.. enjoy it we have 2x's now and hoping for 3


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    I know all room categories have the mini-bar, fridge, coffee maker, and flatscreen tv.

    as far as room categories, i just know you can request garden view, ocenview, or beachfront... but you can't request a specific building or floor etc.

    I don't know what Ultimate Chocolate is, but the Piano Bar has different activities every night and stays open till the last person leaves.

    The Otaheite restaurant is formal dress only.

    Maybe someone else can help you out more... that's really all i know as i just got back from our first time at CN and CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK

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    All the rooms at CN have a fully stocked bar, fridge, coffee maker and all that. I would choose a gardenview room preferably in building 1 or 2 on the ground floor if available. The resort is so much more compact than CSA. It is easy to get around it. You could get a beachfront room but it really isn't beachfront like CSA and the inside of the room is exactly the same as a gardenview. These rooms are surrounded by a lot of tropical foliage and feel very Jamaican. We love the place. Think you will too.
    Otaheite is pronounced OTAHEETEE.


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    We've never been to CSA, but have loved CN the past 3 years. I, too, have knee problems and have always requested a first floor room, no problem. All rooms have the mini-bar, refrigerator, coffee maker and TV. Sometime during the week you will have Chocolate Sunset -- a very delicious chocolate fountain and champagne as the sun is setting (usually pool-side). The piano bar has appetizers several times during the week. O-ta-he-tee is a great dining spot -- make sure to make a reservation shortly after you arrive at CN. If you want any more info, please email me at

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    OK, I've never been to CSA but can answer some questions. The map does show only about half the property. Used to show it all and not sure why it doesn't. All rooms at CN have the Mini bar, coffee maker, TV. Because of it's compact nature, most buildings are very close to the beach. Building 1,5,6 and 9 are going to be the closest, but 5 and 9 are going to be the furthest from everything else since they are the furthest on the property. With the hip issues, 1,2 or 6,7 would probably the buildings that can work best for you....close to the beach, and the pool and restaurants...though you can't request them, when you get there, that is what you probably want. From what I have read, the Piano Bar at CN is much less active than at CSA. Some nights there is a lot going on, some not. Varies with the crowd, as I'm sure you know.

    Otaheite is great and you do need to try it at least once. I think Lychee is more like Lemongrass but doesn't require the reservations. I will see if I can show you the pronunciation O ta he ti.

    Hopefully that will answer some questions. CN IS AWESOME.

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    Yes all rooms have the mini bar,frig, coffee maker, in an earlier post on this board here you will see a map of CN that shows everything.

    Yes their is a choclate party usually set up on the boardwalk next short distance to the pool (weather permiting).

    The dress code is the same for Otaheite.

    We are returning for our third stay at CN in February and I have had numerours knee, back and shoulder surgerys (love my motorcycle) and they have always accomodated me with a first floor room.

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    Default You'll love CN

    Hi Liz_and_Dennis,

    You will absolutely love CN. We've done a CN/CSA split a couple of times, and while the vibe is a bit more relaxed at CN, it's still Couples. You'll get an amazing level of service, and feel right at home. Okay - on to your questions:

    Room Category: The beachfront suites and gardenview suites are, of course, the best rooms at CN. They're twice the size, with a hammock on the balcony/patio, and a huge bathroom. That said, they're also much more expensive. We've stayed in a suite once, but won't spend the extra money again. We now reserve the least expensive room. All of the rooms are decorated exactly alike - kinda bohemian casual, with tile floors and light, airy curtains. When you check in, mention your knees, and they'll do their best to accomodate you with a first floor room.

    CN is much more compact, and the rooms are all centrally located around the main pool, so there isn't a really far walk to anything, unlike CSA, which it's a real hike from end to end.

    All rooms at CN have a fully stocked mini bar, flat screen TV, refrigerator and coffee maker.

    There are 9 buildings at CN, and, like I mentioned, they are arranged horseshoe shape around the main pool/lobby.

    Otaheite is exactly like Feathers in dress code and ambiance. It's pronounced "Oh-ta-hee-tee", and is the only reservations-required restaurant at CN.

    Cassava Terrace is exactly like the Palms. This is where you will go for breakfast. Lunch can be had at either Cassava Terrace or the Beach Grill bar, which turns into Heliconia in the evening.

    Since CN is about half the size of CSA, you will find yourselves running into the same people every day, and we think it's a much more intimate, friendly resort.

    Okay, someone else can chime in here with extra info.


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    It's Oh-ta-hee-tee.....wonderful place, and, the best comparison to what you like at CSA in room choice, might be in bldg 1 or 6, although bldg requests usually don't CN though...the suites are just bigger versions of the standard rooms, for the most part
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    I have never been to CSA other then Trading Places but I think you will find them very comparable. All rooms at CN have a mini bar, they do have a chocolate extravaganza on the pool deck one night of the week. The Piano bar, is funtastic with the sing alongs and the piano player is absolutely fantastic. The Otaheite has the same dress code, the only dress code, as Feathers and you must make a reservation. We reserve several times as soon as we get in. And no I can't tell you how to pronounce it either. LOL. I have COPD and climbing stair literally takes my breathe away so they have been gracious enough to accommodate me and keep me on a ground floor room which I love. If you E-mail them and give them your Romance Award number ahead of time they will do everything they can to get you into a room on a lower level. Be prepared that CN is smaller then CSA but we love it and will be there in 85 days for our 3 year in a row. I hope I have answered most of your questions satisfactorily enough for you. I can't compare but I think you will find them real close to being the same other then size.

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    We haven't been to CSA but I will try to help.

    I think "Otaheite" is said oh-ta-hay-tee, or soemthing close to that, but there are probably other better or acceptable variations.

    The dress at Otaheite is the same as at Feathers I'm pretty sure.

    All the rooms at CN have mini bars, refrigerators, coffee maker and TV's.

    The piano bar is great fun!

    Room choice...The resort is small so I don't think you can be further than a 90 second walk from the sand, but if you want to be as close as possible to the beach, get a Beachfront Suite. We always get the basic room because we spend so little time there. We would rather stay an extra day or two than pay for an upgraded room. But we also understand why people enjoy the bigger rooms in different locations on the resort.

    The maps and panoramic views... that's the entire resort and that's one of the reasons why we love it!

    As at all Couples, the CN staff are fabulous. Try all the restaurants and all the bars and don't forget to try the AN beach when you're there, we're sure you will enjoy it!


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    We get the deluxe ocean view and love it. They have mini bars, but I don't remember a coffee maker, but when they deliver at 6:30, we just get fresh coffee.

    Just watch the ocean view rooms. Some have nice views of the nude beach, but it may not be what you want to see first thing in the morning.

    We pronounce it "Oat a height e". My wife think's that correct.


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    We went to CN on trading places when we were at CSA. We only stayed for breakfast and came right back. I don't think we stayed long enough to give it a fair comparison, but this is what we thought. The grounds and rooms didn't seem like CSA. As we walked along we found there wasn't much privacy in some of the rooms we saw, and we didn't see any rooms that had that true beach front like CSA had. We walked up to the beach and it just seemed so congested. Not spread out like CSA. Then we went to have breakfast, and noticed there was a very tiny dance floor, unlike the large floor at the Palms. We went up to see the piano bar. No area for a disco like CSA. So we went right back to CSA that had all the things we really liked. Again, I don't think we stayed long enough and weren't there for the night time acitivities to really give it a fair comparison. The pool was much nicer. The people were VERY nice. Even asked why we were leaving so quick. That's just our view on CN as opposed to CSA. CSA won our hearts. We will now be going to CSS in 6 weeks. I don't think you can go wrong at a Couples Resort.

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    Hi Liz and Dennis, we've been to both CN and CSA. Seems like a beachfront room in what you'll like most at CN. They have tv, mini-bar, and coffee maker. We had first floor in building six a couple of years ago and it was our favorite room ever!!

    There's no one like Ultimate Chocolate. We never really hung out at the piano bar at CN. Loved him at CSA, though. They also now have a Thai restaurant, although Lemon Grass is still our favorite.

    Yes, Otaheite (pronounced Ooh-ta-high-tee...I think) is very comparable. We actually prefer it to Feathers. Cassava Terrace is similar to the Palms, but it really has a different feel (in our opinion). Open-air and right next to the pool. We love it there.

    You'll enjoy CN. We love both resorts equally. They are different but both give you the Couples hospitality and warmth that we all love.

    Have a great time!!!!


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    Thanks, everyone, for your input. We decided on a beachfront suite and we're really looking forward to a new Couples experience. We know we'll have the same level of excellent service and accommodations we've always enjoyed at CSA; there's nothing else like Couples, is there?

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