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    Default Two more weeks until CSS!

    Only two more weeks until we arrive to Jamaica for the first time
    who is on the countdown with us !?!?!?!?!

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    We're actually one day ahead of you!! Only one Saturday left!

    Denise & Nick

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    16 days until our first trip! I can't wait!!!
    Kim & Guy

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    Well, it is 2 weeks for us as of today. Boarding plane on the 15th. Can't wait. See you all there! =)

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    We leave on the 15th also. It has been over 18 months since I booked so it is hard to believe it is finally so near. We are packed for the most part and have been working on the tan.

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    We have 4 more sleeps till we board the plane for CSS. I can not wait. This week at work is going SOOOOOO SLOW!!!!!

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    We are off the CSS Jan 22. Still a few agonizing weeks to go, but I know thw wait will be worth it.

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    Arriving Dec 10th ... Can't wait ...

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    OMG!!! It's just a little bit until we leave on the 15th! I can't stand it. Can we just go now please?
    Kim & Guy

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    Only four days left I have been freaking out I just dont
    know what to do with myself these last couples days
    the anticipation is just too much cant wait to get there!!!!!!

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