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    Default London Gatwick Flight Cancellations

    Absolutely gutted.

    we are due to fly on Saturday morning to go to CSS. Well it looks like our flight is going to be cancelled! London Gatwick is closed due to heavy snow.

    This is the second time this has happened to me, first time was when the Iceland volcano erupted and ended up with us having our flights to Italy cancelled.

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    I really feel for you. The airport could well open before Saturday - I will keep my fingers corssed for you.
    We are due to fly out to CTI 21st Dec

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    wow, does it never snow there? You would think they could get the airport open in 60+ hours

    some of our airports get hammered in the winter and sure they are closed for a while but not for (3) days.

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    Try to think positive, it's only Thursday and anything can happen between now and Saturday. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and send good weather vibes your way.

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    exactly... how the heck the UK thinks places like Canada cope I do not know. It's so stupid.

    keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Default snow......

    I feel for you I'm from mich. and we are going to cti in 6 days and i have also been watching the snow. I sure hope they get you dug out before sat. I know how I would feel if i had to cancel our trip. good luck to you.

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    Default Hi

    Hi we are flying on saturday to Cti flights should be on now have fun


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    Starting to get nervous!!!
    We are due to fly out from gatwick on monday but with cancellations and long delays i am getting very nervous. Our holiday to las vegas in april was cancelled due to the iclandic volcano and i could not cope with another cancelled holiday.Due to arrive at CTI approx 7.30pm monday 6th!!!!
    hopefully see you there.(if we get in on time i will get everyone a drink!)

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