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    Default Does anyone have any photos of the moon from the Romantic Bonfire on 17/11/2010

    Just wondered if anyone managed to capture the halo of clouds around the moon which occurred the same night as the romantic bonfire. If possible could you forward a copy to me - it was truly amazing. thanks

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    We were there the same time and the Halo was awesome.I took some pictures but they don't show the Halo, (think it would have to be a time exsposure shot with a tripod). Attached is a pretty good copy thou, the halo is formed by ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.
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    I'm so glad someone got a photo! It actually occurred twice that week. The 1st time, DH and I were watching Monday Night Football at the Sports Complex and I walked to look around and saw the rainbow around the moon. By the time I got him to look, it was gone. So I was THRILLED to see it again just a couple of nights later!

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    Default Halo

    I thought it was pretty cool too.
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    Awesome picture - should submit it in the photo contest.

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    These pictures were not taken at couples negril correct? We saw the two moons that week at CN amazing
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    I was on a cruise in the Southern Caribbean that night and was on the aft deck having a cigar and scotch and pointed out that phenomena to the waiter who happened to be from Montego Bay. We both marveled at it for a while.

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    Mine was taken at CSA

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