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    Default CTI report for Nov. 10-23

    We went. We saw. We enjoyed. That pretty much says it all.

    This was trip #30 to COR/CTI. With that number of trips, we may have become a bit more tolerant than some couples that are here for the first time. First timers put a lot of time, energy and money into planning their dream vacation. They are excited. They have high expectations. They arrive in paradise and it's windy and rainy. CRASH!! That's the sound of all of their dreams falling apart. But, believe me, all is not lost.

    This trip was one of the worst as far as the weather went. Of the 13 days we were there, we had only five full days of sun. The rest of time was filled with strong winds, high clouds, hide and seek sun. The island had been closed for almost a week before we got there. For some couples, this was enough to ruin their vacation. No island. No water sports. No beach party on the beach. Oh my.

    If you remember where you are, and whom you are with, there is a good chance you will realize that there is a lot more to this adventure than crappy weather. People sucked it up and found the "silver lining" behind the clouds. They played in the water while it rained. They took walks with the wind. They met other wonderful guests and found laughter, friendship and sharing. Mona always said, "Some people get it, some don't". After all, this is so much more than just a "vacation".

    So it went. For us, every day was filled with things to do and friends to hang out with. Two days in a row, a group of us went to SSB. High winds kept the island vacant for a lot of the time.

    The essence of what we go to CTI was still there. We saw it in every staff person. Always smiling and eager to satisfy. Seeing each person that we have known for 15 years, is warming, comforting and helped make each day there, an absolute pleasure.

    Were there some minor irritations ? You bet. They had no peanut butter. Now that's a deal breaker right there. Our room, 4403, had that big old palm tree right in front of it. We could only see the far right side of the island. Bummer. I'm sure that there must have been some other downers while we were there, but I don't really remember. To much great stuff going on to worry about the piddley parts.

    Life is only as good as you make it. The same is true for CTI. Syl and I had a great time. We always do. The birthday party Syl made for me out on the island, was awesome. Dinner for twenty. At Bayside, a wonderful cake and dinner with friends. Spectacular.

    We now turn our attention to April 2011. Just a scant 141 days away. "Viva April Amigos".
    Thank you Couples for another soothing, relaxing, enjoyable visit.

    Richie & Syl

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    Hey Richie and Sylvia... it was absolutly wonderful seeing you guys on the island - I think we brought a little sunshine your way those couple of days! You better believe we will be back to CTI - hopefully soon! I would like to send pictures from last years trip... my email address is - send me your contact info and I will get them to you.

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    I agree about the weather, but it is always what you make of it.... You and Sylvia are wonderful people and glad we had the chance to meet you! We loved the resort and the island Maybe our paths will meet again.

    Janet and David R.

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    We arrived on Sunday the 21st, and the wind was insane. It reminded me of the old movie "High Wind in Jamaica." I felt so bad for the people that left before Wed, because thats when they opened the island again, and from then on, the weather was smooth sailing. But everyone here is right. Weather can't affect the amazing service from the people of CTI.

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    Crabracer, I have to say that I just love reading anything that u write. U should have been a poet. I am soooo glad that u didn't let the weather spoil your wonderful trip. I can not believe that u have been to CTI 30 times. I want to have your spirit when my husband & I come home to CTI in 09/2011. U r even going right back in April. Have the best time that u can have and I will b looking for another review.

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