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    Default Day trip to CSA from CN

    Hi MB,

    This is my third time to Jamaica and first to Couples, I am sooo excited. I was wondering how many times/days can we visit the other resort?

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    You can only visit the other resort if you are a repeater. You get to do it one day. Other than that you may be able to buy a day pass if you really want to go.

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards prior to your visit, you can sign up for "Trading Spaces" and go to CSA. I believe you are limited to once per trip, but don't quote me on that one. We've never wanted to leave our "home-base" for more than one day, so have never tried to go more than once.

    You do not have to be a repeater in order to take advantage of this perk, however you DO have to be signed up for RR.
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    Actually you have to be a member of Romance Rewards to sign up for Trading Spaces. It is limited to 10 couples per day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You leave at 9:00 am and return at 4:00pm. If you want to stay later or come back sooner then you have to catch a cab on your own.

    We were going to do it this past summer, but in the end sand gravity took over and we just could not make it.

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    Hey Redsoxnation,

    Are you and Billy headed back to CN next year?

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    When we were at CN this past March(3rd time)...we opted for a day at CSA...there was 3 other couples and us on the shuttle....and we felt as if we could have done it a 2nd day if we really wanted to....still preferred our beloved CN...CSA felt so overwhelming and less social
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    Hi Blondie,
    I think you have the wrong Redsoxnation. My husband is not Billy. LOL
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    You won't want to leave CN.

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