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    Default Did we make a mistake???!?

    We have been to CSA twice, both times in July. This year, since we didn't have children coming home for Christmas, we decided to have our Christmas at CSA.

    Now I've been told that we may have made a mistake. That the resort is filled to capacity during the Holidays and that we will not have the same laid back experience. We do not want to have to get up at 5am to insure a spot on the beach and we don't want to wait on line for an hour and a half to get a drink!

    Please reassure us that we haven't made a Jamaican Mistaka! Thanks in advance.

    Dave and Johnece
    Home again Dec. 22-30

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    We have been there when it was at capacity and it seemed about the same as when it was much less full. There were fewer people there in April than when we went last time and there was a serious issue with people saving a bunch of chairs in different locations and fighting for beach space. When we were there last time we didn't have that problem. We even got a palapa around lunch time and once after breakfast. I think it all depends on the crowd.

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    I remember the first time we were at CSA, I asked someone what it was like when the place was full. They said "we are full". And they were right. My wife and I have never been at CSA when it wasn't full because we always go in Feb/Mar... peak season. Believe me, you won't notice it's full. The one thing I would do is that if you want to eat at the restaurants that require reservations, reserve early. Other than that.... go and enjoy!

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    Thanks so much! I had a feeling that it would be "all good," but my kids had me a little worried. I can't imagine a scenario where CSA wouldn't be great!

    29 days and a wake up!!!!

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    Depending on the crowd, the catamaran and snorkeling can fill up quickly too. We reserve the catamaran right away just in case.

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    You will not even know that the resort is at peak capacity. We always travel to CSA in late January/early February, which is peak season. The resort has always been full, or close to it. I think it's actually better to be at CSA at peak season. The resort will have lots of staff available, and they typically will not do any construction during peak season (unless absolutely necessary). We have never had to wait longer than two minutes for a drink at CSA. Plus you get to see all of the pretty holiday lights and Santa makes a special appearance. How cool is that?

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    We'll be there too for the Holiday 12/18-26, hope to meet up for a drink on the beach!
    Helen & Paul

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    We've been to CSA twice for Christmas and while there were alot of people it wasn't difficult finding space on the beach and the lines were not long to get drinks or food. CSA is not one of these gargantuan resorts with 3000 rooms, I believe it has about 320 rooms so maximum capactiy is 640 people. You will truly enjoy your Chistmas at CSA!! Don't sweat it!

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    We also stayed at CSA when it was full, and we never would have guessed it was full ! Plenty of chairs, always able to do glass bottom boats and snorkeling without advance notice. However, as stated, Cat Cruise and dinner reservations, did take advance notice. Just sign up when you arrive, and ENJOY!

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    I can not wait to see Santa on the Beach! It will be our first trip anywhere over Christmas, will be awesome I'm Sure! Hurry up Dec 19-26!

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    Default Arriving the 26th of Dec - Celebrating New Years

    It is encourganing to read all your messages.

    It will be our first time at CSA loved CSS last year. Only hope things will be the same or better, especially the New Year's Eve Gala. Comments on New Years Eve at CSA would be welcomed.

    Hoping to meet some of you.

    Bern & Bob

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