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    I may end up posting this twice since my big fingers hit something it shouldn't have.

    We got to the resort around 3:30 today. It was a long day having left Nashville at 6:00 am. Everything went smooth though. Immigration was fast. We even had to wait on our bags. Took about 1 1/2 hours for the drive. Our driver was very careful. We are eating lobster tonight at Casanova.

    The weather today was nice. It has been "cool" according to some but is supposed to be warmer the rest of the week. It has been windy the past few days.

    I will post updates as I have time.

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    Well we had a very cloudy and mostly rainy day today. While it is not overyly cool by USA standards it is cool for Jamacia. The Jamaicans have called it cold. We enjoyed the repeaters dinner tonight. The meal was fantastic.

    I do believe that a "bad" day in Jamaica is better than a good day at home right now.

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    Thanks for the updates. We will be there in January.

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    We finaly had a sunny day today. It was nice to be able to soak up the sun. It was windy but that helped to keep us cool from the heat of the sun. Had supper at Palazzina Resturant gonight. It was very good. We had supper at Bela Vista last night and it also was very good. If you go hungry here something is wrong with you!!!!

    The staff has been awesome. They are so friendly and happy. Looking forward to snorkleing in the morning. Hopefully it won't be to windy.

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