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    Default Looking for "busymom" supplies

    Hi! I know you are probably at CSA right now having a fabulous time like we are, but hoping that you get this before you go to the school tomorrow. We did not arrange for a visit or anything. I talked with one of the guys at the concierge desk and he didn't really seem like he wanted to give me much info even when I asked for Shellyann. He said just to give the stuff to them. But if you are going tomorrow I would like to give you the school supplies we brought so you could take them with you! Please call me at 3313 if you get this so we can meet up.!

    Thank you!!

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    Nevermind...the message board wasn't updated in time for you to even get this!! We just ended up donating them to the resort for them to put together in their package. They were very was nice leaving the resort knowing that we may have helped someone out a little bit!!

    Hope you had a great time!!

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    So glad to hear your trip went well. Ours was perfect as here I am dreaming of next year already on the ol' message board!! I am sure everything you took went to good use, and I'm so glad you were able to help out. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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    I hear you, though I don't know that we'll be going back to Couples anytime soon. We feel like we don't use all of the amenities or eat and drink enough to get our monies worth, especially this year since my husband was struggling a bit with Vertigo the whole time. We did have a nice trip, but our first Couples experience was to CTI last year for our honeymoon and I'm not sure that can be topped! We had a bad experience with the Elvis and the jet ski ride and his people (got stranded a few miles away for a long time and then they blamed us for doing something to their jet ski even though we didn't!! And still paid for it because I didn't want them to harrass us the rest of the week!). The beach was wonderful and the staff was great as always!!

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    Oh no! That's too bad...not like you can call the BBB or anything when you're on the island...hope you didn't get soaked too bad. I had a tough time taking full advantage myself this time...but I just gotta have that beach....Europe would be great if I could pack 7 miles of sand in a suitcase!
    We went to COR (now CTI) on our honeymoon as well....truly a stunner, and yes, very tough to top. Safe travels to your next destination!

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