What a great option for a resort to have message boards!!

My husband and I have have been to Ocho Rios for the past five years. We love the people, the weather, the laid back fun. I already have the winter travel bug and have been look at airfare and resorts online. The past five years we have stayed a S resort ... we love the resort. BUT, right now for February the price is TWICE what we paid last year. I ran across the Couples website today and the resorts look beautiful! I'm thinking that this may be the year for a change. We could do top of the line room at Couples for half of what S would cost.

Can anyone tell me how the two resort companies compare as far as customer service, food, activites, etc.

Just from looking today, I like the looks of Couples Tower Isle for the fact I read it has a private beach, but they do all look beautiful!

Thanks for any advice! Kris