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    Default More Couples Resorts Needed

    We love Jamaica. And would come every year for vacation. However, we would like to experience some of the other islands. Any chance of Couples extending to other islands?

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    They have talked about other islands, but I think they are waiting until they economy improves, and maybe complete the 5th resort in Jamaica.

    Only Randymon can give a real answer.
    Irie Mon

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    I think part of the Couples experience is the Jamaicain people that you interact with. You really can't replicate that on a lot of other islands. Ever been to the Dominican Republic. They act like they really don't appreciate your tourist dollars. I can help them with that.

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    We have been to several other islands and now only go to Jamaica as our choice. We have stayed at all four of the Couples resorts and each is unique and different -- did I say wonderful??

    However, we would love to see a Couples resort in the Montego Bay area as we like to stay at a resort several hours away from the airport first and then in the MoBay area somewhat close for our return home.

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