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    Default Just book @ Couples Swept Away

    Hi everyone,

    After reading all the great reviews,we book a trip to Couples Swept Away in January 2011.

    I hope all the reviews are right and is anyone would like to tell more we would like that

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    We're sure you won't regret your decision. Here's some pictures we took while at CSA earlier this year Hopefully this will give you and idea of what you've gotten yourself into.

    Bart & Bug

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    We have been to CSA 4 times and CSS 2 times and did the exchange to CN once. They are all great but different. CSA was our first trip and is hard to beat.

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    you wont be disappointed

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    Thanks for all the pictures,after looking at them I cant wait to go.

    We are staying in the Garden Verandah Suite and have read a lot of reviews that say because these rooms are so close to the road,you don't get a good night sleep. I hope this is not true.

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    We were in the Garden Verandah Suites (room 3301) last Feb. and the road noise did NOT bother us. Actually, we didn't see much traffic at all. Our pictures (including the room) are here:

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    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures

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    32 days and counting

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    This will be our second year at CSA - will be there 1/15-1/23 - you are gonna love it!!!!! Beach, food, people, everything is fabulous! Honestly, I don't think it matters what type of room you stay in because this place rocks!

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    I think your right about the rooms,with all the fun it sounds like we will be having I dont think we will be in there much.

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    We will be there Jan 20 maybe we can get together for a drink before you leave

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    I just cant wait five.....five more days!!!!!!!!! :-)

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