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    How much does it cost to parasail at CSA? I have heard around $90with Elvis. Is this cost for two people to go up or $90 per person? Also, how is the beach recovering at CSA after Nicole? 190 days!!!

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    Husband paid $50 for himself, plus a $10 tip after.

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    When we were there earlier this month, I think we were told $60 per person.

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    We always go to Cosmo when we are there. He is the only one we trust. You can't miss him... he is always walking the beach in the yellow shirt and hat. It is $60 a person but he took $100 for two people.

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    We went two years ago and it was $90 per couple through Elvis. Take a tip for the boat driver. They ask for it. Parasailing is not associated with the resort.

    It was well worth the money. Make sure to take your camera with you and get some great photos.

    Life is good

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    Yookster - we wish we would have gone through Cosmo or Cosman...we rented jet skis through Elvis and will never do that again if we go back. It broke down on us about 3 miles from the resort and we were stuck out in the middle of the ocean for more than a 1/2 hour. We had been gone about 25 min and on our way back when it happened so they finally came looking for us after we had been gone for 60 min when it was only supposed to be 40 min. Then they wrongly accused us of hitting something or tipping it when we did neither. They were very nice up to that point. And we still had to pay them!

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    Cosmon is the man!

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    Bob is right next door to CSA and he charges $50 per person.

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    Both Elvis & Cosmo are solid men to work with. If anyone needs to see what Cosmo looks like, but really Yookster nailed Cosmo's description, go to Trip Advisor, get to Couples Swept Away, click on the photos/videos tab and you'll see a short video clip of yours truly w/Cosmo on the beach @ CSA! Enjoy your holiday in paradise! Razzl

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