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    Default Holiday Decorations - Quick Question

    We are going to CSA on Dec. 6th for the first time. Just curious if anyone knows when the holiday (Christmas) decorations are put up around the resort. Couldn't find any posts that answer my question. Any help would be appreciated....

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    We also leave on the 6th. 4 days and a wake up!! We were there last year from the 7th to the 17th and decorations went up on the 15th. They have a huge tree in the lobby and mistletoe on each room door. This is our third time visiting. You will love everything about the resort.

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    Hi ChuckandRachel,
    I'm so excited, I don't know what day we's actually Dec. 5th. Hope to meet up with you two while we are there. Thanks for the response. I was hoping to see some decorations but there's always NEXT YEAR!!

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    We arrive at CSA on January 7th. Will the decorations still be up? It sounds so beautiful.

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    You can find us every day at the Seagrapes veggie beach bar for lunch. Look for the blond and the military haircut guy Take an ornament and hang it from your door. That will keep you in the spirit.

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