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    Default CTI shopping tour/trip

    I notice that there are a bunch of shopping trips:
    Shopping to ocho rios/ Shopping tour to ocho rios / Walking tour to craft market / Shopping tour to island village / Shopping trip to Soniís Plaza / Ride to ceramic shop
    But I donít know what the difference is between them.
    1) Does the Ocho rios shopping go anywhere specific?
    2) Looking at a map, it looks like Soniís Plaza and island village are within walking distance of each other. Is that correct? Is there any difference between the two?
    3) Is the walking tour of the craft market the ocho rios craft market?
    4) what is the difference between a tour and a trip Ė does that mean that someone is guiding us?
    5) How long are the trips? At previous resorts they would have drop off times and pick up times.
    6) What is the ceramics shop and how long is this trip?

    Please help!

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    Although I didn't do a shopping trip when I went to CTI a week ago, this is the info I have from CTI.

    Shopping trips are 2.5 hours.

    Tuesday 2:15 PM, Gem Palace
    Wednesday 10:30 AM, Taj Mahal
    Thursday 3:00PM, Island Village
    Friday 10:30 AM, Taj Mahal

    You do not need to book this, you just show up in the lobby.

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    perfect! thanks!

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